Practical Guide to Salzburg

1. take a tour in the Old Town– you don’t get to walk through a UNESCO World Heritage Site every day!

2. don’t travel by car in Salzburg!- the city’s too beautiful to be seen through a window

3. visit Salzburg’s Fortress!– you won’t get to see the city any better from anywhere else!

4. don’t take the funicular up to the fortress! go by foot, and admire the beauty!

5. if you have the chance, go to the Christmas Market!– a wide range of presents awaits you and your loved ones.

6. avoid city center beer gardens!- their main goal is to overprice everything to take tourist’s money!

7. take the Sound of Music Tour!- you can see all the scenes where the famous movie was filmed.

8. don’t visit what everyone else does! separate from the crowd and create your own tour!

9. have a drink in a beer garden (not in the center of course)!– it’s tradition

10. don’t forget to buy a Mozart-chocolate for Grandma!

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  • jeseris
    9 years ago

    We walked around the fortress but has just done our own (on foot) SOM tour so didnt go in…Maybe next time! I loves Salzburg – so beatiful!

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