Kosice, Slovakia’s second  largest city after its capital, Bratislava, is set on the river Hornád in the Eastern part of the country. It is the economical and cultural center of Slovakia and soon-to-be European Capital of Culture (in 2013 along with Marseille, France). This area is distinguished by the variety of its geographical prospect, interchanging between plains and mountains. Generally known as “the city of peace”, Kosice can impress you in more ways: besides its natural environment; the energetic economic zone, the cultural events and historical remembrances all contribute to making the metropolis an inviting and appealing place to visit.

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The town is situated in Eastern Europe, and the Eastern part of Slovakia, close to the Hungarian (20 kms), Ukrainian(80 kms) and Polish (90 kms) borders.  The city lies in the Kosice Basin formed by the wide valley of the Hornád river, in the Eastern part of the Slovak Ore Mountains.

The first question you might have in mind is how to get there? You don’t have to worry, because opportunities are vast, so everyone can find the perfect match for themselves, in the issue of transportation at least. Kosice has its own international airport, with arrivals from different part of Europe, so if you’re from the continent you can possibly find a direct flight to the city. If you like long train rides, the railway system is pretty developed and you can get to Kosice from a lot of large European cities, you just have to check the schedule and you can even make reservations in advance. Most European states have direct connection with Slovak destinations, so if you like to journey by bus, you can easily get there.

Visit Kosice

As for getting around in the city, I strongly advise you journey by foot. I know that some of you are lazy, but I assure you: most of the tourist destinations are within the city center (so is the nightlife, and the shopping centers), so it’s not worth wasting money on any kind of conveyance and anybody can use a bit of fresh air. But for all you idle ones, or for all of you who would like to go in the outer part of the center, you can relax: there is a tram which can take you there.


If you’re looking for a nice place to stay, you don’t have to worry: Kosice has a wide range of accommodation from low budget hostels to luxurious hotels. If you aren’t in the mood to spend a fortune on lodgings (which you probably won’t even be experiencing because you’ll be out wandering in the city day and night), I’d recommend pensions as a form of housing. Besides being fairly cheap and easily reachable for everybody, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get an inside view of everyday Slovakian life (pensions are known for being very intimate and snug, and owners tend to be very friendly and welcoming and they can “show you around” in their ordinary days). If you like hotels, on the other hand, you will soon find out that there are plenty to choose from, just be sure you book them in time, and pick the perfect one for your taste and budget!

If you come to Slovakia, don’t hesitate to try some Slovakian dishes! Cuisine is very “multicultural”, because it consists of its own traditional food, as well as the influences from its neighbours. Between the most renown soups we can ennumerate sour bean soup(fazulova), sauerkraut soup (kapustnica) and chicken noodle soup. Other famous dishes are the halusky (potato dumplings), lokse, zemlovka (bread pie), rezen (steak), segedin goulash and rice pudding. The leading meats which are mostly cunsumed by the inhabitants are dishes made out of beef, pork and poultry. Meat is either breaded and fried, or cooked and served with sauce; grilled meat is not very popular here. Popular sweets and desserts are trdelnik, a kind of sweet pastry, paska, babovka (pound cake), pancakes and langos. Be sure to taste as many as you can, because you can’t really do it anywhere else!

streets of Kosice

When you think about places to visit, I’m guessing you’d want culture and thrill, fun and partying all at the same time. Well, Kosice has all that, so I’ll just recite them. Looking for culture, I firstly think of museums. Kosice is home to the East Slovakian Museum, which presents the Stone Age and the Middle Ages in Slovakia, as well as the Slovak Technical Museum which has expos focusing on physics, chemistry, astronomy, energy, metallurgy and art crafts, among others. These too can be very exciting to experience and are rich in themes, so basically anyone can enjoy their own domain.

Up next are the churches with impressive and graceful architectural style, a must-see when in Kosice: St. Elizabeth Cathedral, the Plague Chapel of St. Rosalie, the Hospital Church of the Holy Spirit, the Synagogue, the Evangelical Church, the Fransiscan Church, the Dominican Church and the Calvinist Church. There are also a number of theaters in the city, like the State Theater, the Hungarian Thália Theater and the Old Town Theater, all worth visiting! Kosice is also home to the State Philharmonic‘s so if you want to chill with some classical music, you can do so! You should also attend the Kosice Music Spring Festival, the International Organ Festival, and/or the Festival of Contemporary Art, because you can never be too highbrow!

When it comes to fun and entertainment, there are plenty of bars/pubs/restaurants in the city, where you can hang out, eat good food and drink good booze, and have a great time! If you’re into sports, then I have great news: the World’s second oldest (since 1924) annual marathon is held in Kosice every year: the Kosice Peace Marathon! No matter what your circle of interest is, I am sure that you will be able to find the perfect events, sights and places in Kosice and have a wonderful time in this amazing city! Have fun!

If you liked the post, get the GPS-guided tour of Kosice at this link!

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  • Highbrow :))

  • Great post, it’s always nice to come across an article about Slovakia because many people still have prejudices due to the movie Hostel 🙂

    • Really? That’s funny :))
      It’s kind of the same with Romania & Dracula and the gypsies I guess..
      I actually loved Slovakia, I was there two times already and hope to get back soon for a third occasion – this time trekking in the mountains 🙂

      • Yeah, I guess it’s kind of a lack of knowledge in the western Europe about what to expect in the eastern Europe. I haven’t been to Romania yet, but it’s on my list because I’ve heard a lot of good things about your mountains 🙂

        • If you decide to visit, I’d be happy to give you pointers of must-sees! And I’m totally going to send you my opinion of Bratislava next week. Pleasure cooperating with you! 🙂

          • Thank you so much! I will ask you for some tips when I finally find time to go there 🙂 and I look forward to hearing from you about Bratislava 🙂

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