Recommending Reims (10 best advices)


1. it’s close to Paris, and you can see the other Notre Dame in the country!

2. although it’s a big city, there’s not so much traffic, so you can chill at and outdoor cafe’ without any commotion

3. you can taste French relishes on every corner- the city has over 200 restaurants!

4. you don’t have to spend on taxis: almost all the sites are easily reachable by foot!

Reims Cathedral

Reims Cathedral


5. you can have a wonderful time at the Joan of Arc Festival-in a medieval spirit

6. nightlife is pretty active, be sure not to miss the best parties!

7. if you’re looking for a place with a historical vibe, you’ve got to choose Reims!

8. if you get lost, locals will be more than happy to guide you on your way

9. you can have a beer or a cup of coffee almost anywhere; the city’s filled with cafe’s and pubs!

10. you can dance to your favorite folk songs at the Folk Festival

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