Things I’ve learned while in Spain

1. siesta is taken very seriously in almost every city, so be prepared: all kinds of shops are mostly closed from 2pm to 5pm! If you have anything to take care of, do it before or after!

2. people are veeery friendly and are very helpful, so if you’re lost, don’t hesitate asking for directions!

3. although very friendly, they don’t really speak English, so be sure to freshen up your Spanglish!

4. tapas, one of the most popular dishes in the country, is served free if you buy a drink in a square in Leon, whilst every other place you have pay for it separately!

5. if you wan’t to drink a coffee or a beer, you have to pay an additional 0,50 Euros if you’d like to drink it on the terrace!

6. next to any meat only very little garnish or bread is served, so if you’re not really fond of eating only meat , you can ask for an extra refill!

7. mineral water with gas is rare to find in little shops and markets, because they mostly drink natural water. (one day we had to walk about 40 minutes and check into every store until we found what we were looking for)

8. live sculptures an musicians are very common in the Spanish streets and a few Euros are always welcome!

9. they usually chill, sunbathe or sleep in the shade in the parks of the city, so if you don’t know what to do or where to go, grab a blanket and head to the park and just relax!

10. when you meet a Spanish person, don’t shake hands with them, but kiss them on both cheek  (dos besos), otherwise you will be considered a very cold and distant person

2 Responses to “Things I’ve learned while in Spain

  • Hi Adri – even though I come from Eastern Europe and it’s not common to give a kiss on both cheeks when meeting a person, I still find it much nicer than just a ‘hi’. I would need to get used to kisses though.
    – Ruta

    • Here in Romania things are a bit weird because some people give two kisses on the cheek, whilst some don’t. And when you meet someone you just have to analyze them a bit to see if they’re the kissing types or not, haha 😀

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