Spontaneous Changes!

 Since summer has finally arrived (even in my country), the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, I felt the need to change the appearance of CityoftheWeek. Basically, nothing important has changed, the Menus and Widgets are still the same. The background on the other hand, I feel that has become a little bit more friendlier and more suited for a travel blog. It is also a secret message that I want to transmit to you all: you deserve a little holiday, so tell your boss he won’t be seeing you for a few days or even more, pack your bags and go on your little adventure! The World is waiting with all its beauty for you to explore it! Dare to travel!

Anyways, you can tell me how you like or don’t like the new background in the comments below, or in email. Have a nice Tuesday! 🙂

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