A short stop in Rovinj

When we first departed on our way towards Croatia, we didn’t originally plan to get to Rovinj. We stayed in a camp in Porec, but saw an ad about one-day boat trips to the nearby cities and islands, and thought we should try one out. The plan was to see Limski Kanal, and we had two other stops too, one in Rovinj and one in Vrsar. The cost of the trip was about 20 euros, with food and drinks included. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, in fact, we had to wait for a storm to go away, we still had an awesome time. After we visited the mini-fiord, we headed towards Rovinj and had no idea what to expect. But after we looked at the city from the Adriatic ocean, I had no doubt it would be  wonderful. The first “preview” of the city was:

We hopped out of the boat and quickly rushed to an ice-cream shop to have a delicious dessert after the meal. You have to know, that Croatians are very nice and helpful people, they are considered the “kings” of hospitality. They even put on a show while serving your ice cream, ask where you’re from and even try to speak some words in your language just to make you feel more “at home” :). While we were having our ice creams, we walked around the city a bit and I have to admit that I love those little narrow streets, surrounded by those snug stone houses!

After half an hour of wimpling through these little streets, we found ourselves next to a little bazaar where locals were selling clams and seashells brought up from the sea. This guy had a really impressive collection, here’s one box of merchandise:

 We then walked down to the coastal line of the city, which offered a breathtaking view at the meeting of the sea with the cliffs and Rovinj’s built heritage. See for yourselves: (it’s one of my favorite photos of the trip!)

I just adored the view from here – at the meeting point of man and nature! As we went on, I spotted a little cafe with an amazing view, and I just dreamed about owning my own cafe or restaurant here- it would be nice!

 We reached the harbor way too early, so we spent the time waiting for the boat drooling at yachts and. There were some beautiful and luxurious ones, but thank goodness our ride arrived right before our daydreaming turned into jealousy. We hopped on the boat, and our next destination was Vrsar. I will post more photos of Rovinj soon, so stay tuned!:) In the meantime, here’s the “Charisma”: 😀

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