Hajduszoboszló in a Nutshell

Just to sum it all up, here’s a few tips about Hajduszoboszló, so if you’re going to travel here, you can know what to expect!

  • first off, you don’t have to be worrying much about the roads- Hungary has an evolved highway structure that’ll lead you to Hajdu safe and sound- just don’t speed, because the penalties reach sidereal rates
  • accommodation is everywhere, even if you don’t have previous reservations, there are people waving their keys on the road signaling to the tourists that they have empty rooms available
  • the resort can get really crowded-especially during extra season, so those of you who don’t like jammed spaces, you might want to avoid this season time
  • leave your packed sandwiches at home, because once you’re in, you’ll soon find that all the restaurants give out free samples and organize tasters of their food, so if you circle them, you might just end up with a full tummy (just in case you don’t want to spend a lot on food)
  • to keep yourself fit, join in on the periodic aerobics courses (held a few times every day), when a couple of instructors step in front of the pools doing some moves, while most people in the water imitate them – it can be fun and useful at the same time!
  • nightlife is assured by a lot of local concerts, parties, bars and pubs, and in the evening most people usually go out on the streets to walk or have fun- so you won’t be bored. If you want, there are some night programs organized by the resort as well, and on some days you can even go down on the aquapark’s slides in the nighttime
  • last but not least, if you want to go to the Aquapark, you need to buy a separate ticket, because the resort entrance fee doesn’t cover it

Hope my tips were helpful, feel free to join in and share your own experiences or advice, I’d be glad to have them! 🙂

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