Suitcases- not only for travel!

I am in a very home decor-mood today, so I decided to write a post of our best travel friends: suitcases!

Trunks, bags, suitcases, portmanteaus, hatboxes: everybody’s got one. They are our best friends when we are going on a trip, and need to take with us a handful of things we will need for a week, a month or even more. They come in different shapes and sizes, fonts and patterns, and even though they are very diverse, most people only use them when they are travelling. Maybe it’s because they simply don’t know what to do with them, and don’t even bother thinking about doing something with them.

So these pretty bags usually end up in the corners of dark closets, never to see the light of day again until their owner goes on a trip. I think this is a pretty sad ending for an otherwise very useful and practical object that anyone can use for decoration (and storage). Suitcases don’t need to necessarily stay in the background – use your imagination and make them part of your home! Put them on top of one another, place them at the end of your bed- make sure that they aren’t in the way, but are still out there for the world to see! (You can even put in them some things that you rarely use):

They are of different colors? Even better! Make your bedroom more colorful by making a bedside table of suitcases, putting a little mirror on the top of them. Very original- you can be sure no one else has the same!

Do you have a lot of suitcases that occupy all your closet space? Try putting them in order of magnitude into a place where you have a lot of room. This way, the room won’t look so empty, and you’ll have more opening in your closet!

Maybe you have a trunk that is so huge, it doesn’t even fit in any closet! Well I have some great news for you! You can always use it as a dresser or a commode, which has double function: it can be used as a container and you can put some things on it so it looks like a real chest!

I think that hatboxes are the prettiest of them all! They have this feminine roundness that catches the eye, no matter where they are positioned. Ideally, if its pattern is pretty, you can put in it a punch-bowl, place a few flowers in them and use it as a vase. It can be a very pretty decoration for the table:

The more, the merrier:

Since these are the last weeks of good weather and autumn is just around the corner, go for a little picnic with your loved one! As you can see, these multifunctional suitcases might come in handy even in this case. You can use them as a table, and you can put anything in it, no matter how heavy it is (to ease the pressure on the food basket):

Remember: whatever you choose to do, don’t let your suitcases hide in the closet forever!

So tell me, how do You use your suitcases?

photo source: Pinterest

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