What we missed out on (Madrid Part Two!)

As you all know from the previous post, we only spent two very short days in the big city of Madrid, so we didn’t have time to see everything that’s on the must-see list. I decided to make a post about these, in hope that I will know next time I have the chance to be in the city. And I hope I will get back!

1. El Prado

Although we’ve been to the Prado, we haven’t been in the Prado. We had so little time and wanted to see so much, that we only checked out some things from the outside. The Prado Museum has one of the biggest collections in Europe, and I would love to see it some day!

Museo del Prado

Museo del Prado

2. Santiago Bernabeu

The football stadium was out of our walking range, so we decided to skip it. But I would really like to see it, because I grew up as an only child, so I’ve been both the boy and the girl for my parents (my dad and I watched football games from time to time), so I’ve definitely heard of Bernabeu before. Next time, dad, I’ll bring you a picture! (or, why not?-we’ll go together!)

Santiago Bernabeu stadium (photo from the internet)

Santiago Bernabeu stadium (photo from stadionwelt.de)

3. Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

I am a bit of an animal freak and always try to visit zoos and aquariums, no matter where I go. Yet again, our tight schedule was stopping us in enjoying a relaxing day among nature’s creatures, so we skipped this one too. But I will certainly visit if I get the chance to go back!

Zoo Aquarium Madrid (photo from the internet)

Zoo Aquarium Madrid (photo from madridflash.com)

4. Real Jardin Botanico

The botanical garden is yet again put aside for a time when I will be able to take a stroll between the beautiful and exotic plants it has to offer. Because it’s next to Prado Museum, we saw it from outside:

Botanical Garden, Madrid

Botanical Garden, Madrid

5. Amusement Park

Last, but not least is the amusement park, which has more than 40 rides to offer to visitors. We saw some of the rides from the distance and they were very appealing to me, so it is a must for next time!

Warner Brothers Amusement Park (photo from the internet)

Warner Brothers Amusement Park (photo from themeparkphotography.com)

If you’ve been to any, please share your good and/or bad experiences, so I’ll know what to expect! šŸ™‚

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