Christmas Markets

Us, Europeans, love to celebrate. We like it so much, that we even celebrate a month before an actual holiday. I’m thinking of the so-called Christmas Markets, open from the middle of November until Christmas. A place where you can find every possible Christmas-related object that you can think about. Although I have never been (I don’t know why, but I don’t travel much in the wintertime- note to self: I should really change that), I’d really like to go someday, not to buy a lot of stuff which I possibly don’t even need, but to walk at night among the little boutiques with their colorful lights on, while the smell of cinnamon flows in the air. The vibe they transmit is very christmasy and holly-jolly, here are some of them:

Berlin Market - image via dailymail

Berlin Market – image via dailymail

Market in Bremen - image via

Market in Bremen – image via

Market in Brussels - image via

Market in Brussels – image via

Budapest Market - image via

Budapest Market – image via

Frankfurt Market - image via

Frankfurt Market – image via

Salzburg Market - image via

Salzburg Market – image via

Münich, Germany

Münich, Germany – image via

Paris, France

Paris, France – image via

Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia – image via


13 Responses to “Christmas Markets

  • Went to Budapest last year….going to Krakow this year. Great time to be in central Europe.

    • I’d like to go to Budapest this year also, because it’s the closest and I hear it’s magical! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • We visited the one in Brussels last year! So lovely! This year we are looking for another destination.

    • wow, Brussels must have been beautiful! If you’re going this year, be sure to do a post about it, I’ll be checking in 🙂

      • Why not have a look at some of my posts of December 2011? 🙂

        • you’re right! I’m so occupied to look at everything new everyone posts, I forget to check out their works from before I’ve been following them. I’ll drop by soon! 🙂

  • I love Budapest’s market, because everything is made in Hungary and the quality is very good. Bratislava’s is lovely as well, but very small. I was disappointed in Vienna’s, because it seemed like most of the things were made in China!

    • made in China? really? that’s sad. I think the uniqueness of these markets should stand in the typical and traditional items they have to offer 🙂 different in every single place!

      • I agree. I wanted to find some traditional Austrian crafts, but there was nothing interesting. Even the mulled wine was undrinkable. It’s too bad, because it’s a beautify setting.

  • Love the photos!

    Love the lighting! 🙂

  • Now I wish I was traveling to Europe this winter!

  • Haha, I totally agree, Europeans love to party!

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