In 2012..

I wanted to: 

  1. visit at least 3 countries Croatia, Hungary and Spain! Hell yeah! 😀
  2. go to the sea– this is a must for me every year! Being able to do amazing activities among fish and the serene water makes me incredibly happy and satisfied, so I try to do this every year!
  3. snorkel and actually dive, not only watchthis item actually turned out to be the best achievement of all! I am really happy that I learned to actually dive, because the experience was absolutely amazing and left me wanting more and more..
  4. witness a sunrise- I can’t believe I was so lazy that I didn’t take the time and wake up earlier One day (of the 366) to see a sunrise..this is a Bucket-List item I kind of forgot about, and was really disappointed of not doing…well, I guess there’s always next year! 😀
  5. witness a sunset –well, unlike sunrises, I did manage to see a lot of sunsets this year. Perhaps one of the most beautiful of all was the one we saw in Hvar

6. go skiing – almost! 😀 I cut it off because we went skiing in January, but we didn’t actually do anything, because the ski lane was snowed in. (yeah, we went all the way there and found out when we arrived, fully dressed). But next weekend, we are going on a ski trip that will hopefully turn out better than the one before, so better late than never! 🙂

7. travel with my boyfriend – we travelled a lot this year, with friends, family, and only just the two of us. But our best adventure was swimming among the fish while holding hands in Hvar – something so precious, that I’ll never forget!

8. travel with my girl friends – I am so glad and thankful that we got to visit our roommate and best friend in Spain while she was staying there! The trip was a lot of fun, we made fresh memories, laughed and laughed, while seeing “the world”. But mostly, I feel that it has made our friendship even stronger!

9. travel with my parents– family is really important to me, and even though it was a one-day adventure, we did have a lot of fun and got to amazing places with my parents last June, when we visited the Transalpina

10. ice skate -until I freeze to death! I adore ice-skating, and thankfully, the ice was fabulous last winter!

11. go to the mountains this is the awesome trip with my parents to the Transalpine route of the Parang Mountains

12. visit the salt mine in Turda – this is another thing that ALMOST happened. We were on our way, packed with sandwitches and hot tea,

13. go fishing  Arpi loves fishing, so we go from time to time to a lake of my friend’s, where there is a much higher possibility to catch something, than, say, at a river. We only caught some little ones, but I really like the quiet and stillness of the art of fishing.

14. write continuously on the blog –which sometimes even I can’t believe, but I’ve managed to write every week at least once, and mostly twice 🙂

15. own my own domain – which I finally got by the end of the year 🙂

2012 in review

2012 in review

According to WordPress, this year I had 89 posts, uploaded 873 photos (that’s an average of 2/day), and the blog has been visited from 99 countries Worldwide. I am really glad and thankful for every reader I have! One of my bucket list wishes for next year is to make the blog better and to write more often and also write great content! This year was more of a tryout for me to see if I could write (more or less) constantly, and it turned out I could, so next year, we’re getting more serious with City of the Week!

With this occasion I wanted to wish all of You a Happy New Year and may all your wishes and dreams come true! See you soon with some of my goals and travel dreams for next year! 😀

And what about you? What was your most memorable 2012-moment? 

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