13 for ’13

Call them goals, dreams, wishes, targets, aspirations, hopes.. These are my Bucket List items for 2013! I’ve been making such lists for 3-4 years now and I am really glad I do, because they remind me of focusing on the things I’d really like to achieve. I also turn to them in search of inspiration or new activities, experiences. This year I decided to share the adventure/travel part with you, and have selected 13 representative items which will hopefully make my year more colorful and interesting:

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1. Visit at least 3 new countries
2. Go to the sea 
3. Snorkel as much as I can! (and if possible, try deep diving)
4. Go skiing
5. Visit the Salt Mine of Turda (this one remained from last year’s)
6. Go to the Transfagarasan (a very old wish which will hopefully come true this summer)
7. See 10 new cities
8. Go on a big road trip
9. Go camping
10. Try parasailing
11. Go kayaking/rafting/canoeing (all 3 would be perfect, but at least 1 this year!)
12. Go fishing at least 3 times
13. Write about everything!

I am very optimistic and I think (and hope) that this year will be even better than the last! Dare to dream, dare to set up goals, dare to challenge yourself, dare to test your limits! Every life is worth living…and living it the best way we can and the one way we love! So what about you, what is your biggest wish this year?

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