Have you heard of Zamora?

Zamora is a small town close to the Portuguese border. It is part of the Castile and Leon region, and is crossed by the famous Duero river. In my personal opinion, it is one of Castilia’s hidden and small treasures. With a time-honored architecture, a beautiful location and extremely friendly locals, Zamora is a must if you’re traveling in its precincts.

the Cathedral "El Salvador"

the Cathedral “El Salvador”

The beautiful Cathedral was built back in the 12th century, and it is said to be one of the “finest examples of Romanesque architecture”  in Spain. – This is just a taste of the next post, which will be entirely dedicated to what you can see or do in this pretty little city.

If you’re wondering how to get there, I think the easiest way is if you fly to Madrid, and take the bus from there (it takes about an hour). The bus ticket costs 10 Euros, so even if you don’t want to stay the night, it’s totally worth to pay a one-day visit. I also heard that the train connection is also pretty good, unfortunately I couldn’t find a price to show, but I did find out that the train ride takes about two hours, so traveling by bus might be easier. You can easily get around by foot, no need for public transportation (although there are regular bus routes).

In the case that you decide to stay the night (or nights), you can rest assure that there’s quite a variety of accommodation, even though it’s a small town, but you’ll probably find something fit for your need & taste. From modest apartments, through snug and comfy guesthouses (where your hosts will be more than kind to you), to five-star hotels, Zamora has it all! There are even two campsites nearby for all you adventurous types out there (one is near lake Sanabria- which I hear is absolutely breath-taking, too bad we didn’t have the chance to visit when we were there).

Stick around for some info about activities, places to visit and nightlife. Until then, I wish you all a beautiful Friday, and a fabulous weekend!

But no matter what you choose, I can assure you, even promise you, that you’ll have the friendliest hosts ever. Yes, Spain is a “hot” country, whose inhabitant’s don’t really steer clear of hugs and kisses, but this town in particular is super-companionable. Yes, they stare a bit when they see you for the first time, but they are the most welcoming people I have ever seen. You won’t be disappointed in their cooperation and willingness to help, I can testify for that!

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  • i want to visit there oneday 🙂

    • you should 🙂 besides the fact that it’s very beautiful, I loved that there weren’t thousands of tourists rushing through the streets. It’s a nice place for sure!

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