Weekend at Zetea barrage lake

Since we’re so close to a new Weekend, I thought I’d share with you my two-day relaxation of last Weekend. We started our journey way too late, because we only managed to escape the city at 7:30 pm. The drive was supposed to be about two hours, in the meantime the GPS sent us the wrong way, and because we didn’t want to take the usual route, but try a new one, we ended up going 20 kms on a barely passable road. It was about 10:30-11 pm when we finally got to the campsite, so we had to put up the tent in darkness. We all agreed that rather than departing Saturday morning and blowing half the day with traveling and arranging the tent, it would be better if we arrived Friday evening (even if it was late), so we could start the day fresh at our destination, which was the lake Zetea, a man-made barrage-lake.

I have to tell you that I was freezing the first night, even with two sweaters (I guess the sleeping-suit wasn’t thick enough), but the others didn’t complain at all. But the morning was awesome. The first thing we did when waking up was breathing in the fresh mountain air and walking to the lovely little lake surrounded by the green hills. Having breakfast with a view like that is just amazing.

Afterwards we went for a walk on the shore and left the crowd behind. The place gets even more beautiful once you’ve escaped the sounds of people talking and music coming from the parked cars. Then you’re back in nature and only a few lonely fishermen may bother your sight. I really liked the wildness of the place, the branches coming out of the water and the wizened trees gave me the feeling that we weren’t in Romania anymore.

The day passed with cooking some traditional gulyás and playing some cards, as well as a short swim (due to the chilly water), us girls were mostly hanging on to the dinghy. The night came fast and thank heavens the temperature wasn’t as low as the night before! Sunday began with a little rowing after breakfast. Getting away from all the people was very relaxing as we were sunbathing on the dinghy, splashing ourselves when it got hot.

view from the dinghy

About Zetea: 

Zetea barrage lake lies in Harghita county, at a distance of 10 kms from the city Odorheiu Secuiesc. Although it has the same name as a little village on the way, you actually have to go until Sub Cetate and at the end of it, on the right side of the road you’ll see a board which says Private Property and that’s where the campsite to the lake is. We only wanted to ask for directions when we accidentally found it. You have to pay 10 lei (2.2 euros) per tent/night (it’s a symbolic price, which we split in 4 so it’s actually nothing), and there are bathrooms and a shower for those who need it. There’s also a terrace with a bar where you can buy cold beer, snacks and ice cream, and there’s a villa in the making but they said it will only be open for public next season. If you’re near at hand I very much recommend this place because of it’s purity and the fact that it’s not known to many. And if you’re lucky enough not to run into some teenagers who put their shitty music up all day, you can have the perfect relaxation-holiday. 🙂 Ps: you can also rent kayaks and canoes for a mere price of 2,5-5 euros per hour. 

In the next post: our journey continues to Parajd, where I’ll introduce some newly improved and installed tourist attractions on a budget! Until then, have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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