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When I was younger and traveled to Praid with family or school, we’d always visit the Salt mine, breathe a bit of salty air, lick the walls to see how salty they were, then head over to shop for some souvenirs in Corund, or to bathe in Sovata‘s Bear Lake. There used to be a pool filled with salty water in Parajd also, but it’s under renovation now (there were so many people during the season that you couldn’t actually swim anyways). In the last few years there have been new projects created in this little town, of which I would like to introduce three main attractions that I’ve visited a few weeks ago. I fully recommend these places to everyone and especially to my Romanian readers, whenever you’re around (and sick of the Salt mine already), please check them out!

1. The Butterfly House 

Where? – very close to the Salt Mine and the center of Parajd (you can’t actually miss it, because there are signposts that lead you right to the entrance)

When? – open every day of the week from 9 am until 7 pm in the summer season, closed otherwise.

How much money? – 7 RON for adults (1.58 Euros) , 6 RON for students (1.35 Euros).

How much time? – you can spend as much time as you want inside, just make sure you take enough time to observe all the butterflies and listen to the lovely little finch’s songs.

Good to know – Watch your step! The butterflies are very friendly an might even fall upon you if they’re in the mood, but that also means that they don’t mind resting on the ground once in a while. Be sure you’re careful when you’re stepping so you don’t crush any of these beautiful exotic creatures! Also, the weather inside is hot and moist, so you should dress light.

2. The Salt Canyon

Where? – you can access it from two entrances on two different sides, again signposts are everywhere

When? – open also in the summer season, the last guided group leaves at 7 pm daily

How much money? –  6 RON for adults (1.35 Euros), 4 RON for students (0.9 Euros) – a symbolic sum, really

How much time? – the tour takes about an hour-hour and a half depending on your personal speed. You can either go with a tour guide or on your own. You can find on every site a little information panel in three languages (English, Romanian and Hungarian) so you can practically guide yourself.

Good to know: –  Although flip-flops are very comfortable, I’d advise you to wear at least sandals if not training shoes, because there are some places which one has to climb up a bit, and with f-f-s you can bruise your ankles very easily. But don’t worry, all places are easily reachable and advised for all ages. The canyon is absolutely beautiful, a MUST if you’re near at hand.

3. The Mud-bath

Where? – at the end of the Salt Canyon tour (those who don’t want to take part in the tour can directly enter to the bath on the other side)

When? – all summer long 🙂

How much money? – the price is included in the entrance fee of the Salt Canyon

How much time? – you can stay all day if you want and you like it 🙂

Good to know: – Back in the days, people used to go to mud-baths for healing purposes. This type of mud is very good for one’s articulation and bone structure, if “used” correctly. So before you jump right in, please read the instructions on the side of the dressing room (yes, there’s a dressing room) so not only will you enjoy yourself, but your body will be refreshed and benefit of the surroundings as well. Oh, almost forgot to mention that once you’re done with your little spa treatment, you can shower and if you’re lucky enough and the sun was shining all day, you might actually catch some hot water from the solar-powered shower put up especially for the tourists using the bath.

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