Best Travel Moments of 2013: Nr.5

In a year with many adventures, in which I got to visit 5 countries and see much more of Romania from different sides, I can only feel blessed and happy that I got to travel to so many places and experience so much in just a year! Also, this year I’ve graduated from college, so 2013 has been quite a full one, I didn’t have much time to get bored. I’ve put together a short list of 5 of my top travel experiences this year, which one way or another helped me grow and made me feel like this Earth needs to be explored (personally-not through a TV) as much as it is possible!

Landing 5th place in the countdown for 2013’s best travel moment was a trip and a life-experience that changed my vision of travel completely and opened my eyes to new possibilities and new destinations to consider. You may have read my post about my first real hiking/trekking experience back in March when I traveled to a much-known destination, but seen it from a totally new perspective. We trekked from the Gorge of Tur to the Gorge of Torda in unbelievable cold, cruel and fast wind which blew frozen snowflakes in our faces through all the trip. I thought I’d never survive (me-who has never been trekking before in her life), but it just did the opposite: it made me feel alive, and after successfully completing the trek, came a thirst for more hiking, more nature, more mountains! This feeling resulted in some of the best memories of my life so far, some which you’ll see in the continuation of this list! But first, check out the photos!

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