6 Tips for an economical visit to Stockholm

The Swedish capital is considered one of the most expensive cities in Europe. But with the help of a few tricks, one can do, see, and experience a great part of Stockholm without breaking the bank. Here’s part I:

Plan ahead

Pick out the exact dates when you wish to visit Stockholm and stick to them. Accommodations and airfare are both cheaper if reserved in advance. The winter months are considered low-season in Stockholm, but offer the best deals. One might want to consider flying in on a low-cost airline to Skavsta Airport and make their way by coach to the city. The transfer bus ride can be booked in advance online at a better price than on site.

Don’t stay in the center

Although staying only at a few steps’ distance from the major tourist attractions of the city might sound tempting, opt for a hotel in the outskirts of Stockholm. Bed and breakfasts, hostels, and Airbnbs are also a great choice for an economical accommodation, especially because they often come with a fully equipped kitchen, where one can prepare their own meals instead of eating out every day in restaurants.

Stockholm in Spring - Image via Flickr by Tobias Lindman

Stockholm in Spring – Image via Flickr by Tobias Lindman

Get around inexpensively

One can easily get to the heart of the Swedish capital by public transportation which can be low-priced with the help of a pass. The cheapest way of getting around in the summer is with a bicycle, and it can oftentimes be the fastest too, because Stockholm has a very well-developed bike route all around the city.

See through the eyes of locals

City walks are a great way to visit the most important attractions, but remember: although they are free of charge, tips are always welcome. For a more profound sightseeing, turn to Excursiopedia, where one can pick a local to show them around on a private, more in-depth tour of Stockholm, concentrating mostly on culture and history. For themed tours, Vayable can be of help with sightseeing from a foodie’s perspective to experiencing the city on two wheels for the motorcycle-lovers.

Royal Palace - image via Flickr by Kah-Wai Lin

Royal Palace – image via Flickr by Kah-Wai Lin

Visit the sights for free

There are some popular tourist attractions that don’t charge any entrance fees. Visitors can get in free to see the Arkitektmuseet, the National Library of Sweden, the Galleri Kontrast (a documentary photography exhibit), and the Modern Museum. One can have a relaxing day in any of the city’s 25 parks without any admission fee and the city’s two beaches, Langholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet, are also open to the public all year. The changing of the guard in front of the Royal Palace is a 40-minute show that everyone in Stockholm should see.

Have fun at a reasonable price

With a festival, event, or show happening every week in Stockholm, there are many cultural happenings from which to choose. Reserve tickets in advance to get a better price. If visiting in June, take part in the Midsummer Eve’s Celebrations, the “Taste of Stockholm” festival, or the Stockholm Pride Festival, which are all free of charge.

Whether visiting in full-season or mid-December, the multifaceted city of Stockholm always has something budget-friendly up its sleeve.

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