The Budget-Friendly Guide to Stockholm

The Swedish capital has a population of more than 2.2 million in its metropolitan area, is situated on fourteen islands, has over 200 accommodation sites, and more than 70 museums. One can stroll around 25 parks, participate in a festival almost every week, listen to Nobel Prize Award lectures, and take a walk in the World’s longest art gallery. The city can be a bit overwhelming for newbies, but with the help of a few hints and tips, one can easily get around and experience Stockholm at an optimum price.

Lodging and Getting around Stockholm

The peak season in the Swedish capital occurs in summer time, so the city is more expensive in that period. Although the wintertime has only 6 hours of sunshine, one can visit one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets of Europe, get all warmed up next to a glass of glögg wine, and get the best deals on accommodation in the process in the outskirts of the city. Getting to the center shouldn’t be a problem, because the public transportation system is very well-developed and with the help of day passes getting around is budget-friendly as well. If visiting in the summer, biking is the best choice because it’s free, convenient, and Stockholm has bike paths all around the city.

photo via Flickr by Edward Stojakovic

photo via Flickr by Edward Stojakovic

Touring the City

There are free city walks every day in Stockholm, where a volunteer guides you through the most important sights, introducing facts about local history and culture. Although these one-hour tours are free, tips are always welcome. For a more in-depth walkabout, don’t hesitate to try Excursiopedia, where one can take part in a longer sightseeing tour with a local showing you around. For tours with different themes, check out Vayable and choose a trip tailored for your preference – such as a foodie tour or a ride around Stockholm on a motorcycle.

Culture on a budget

With more than 70 museums and art galleries, Stockholm is also the cultural capital of Sweden. Even though many consider it a very expensive city, there are some cultural events and places that are completely free of charge. One can enter the National Library of Sweden housing the largest collection of books in the country without an entrance fee. The Arkitektmuseet, the the Galleri Kontrast (a documentary photography exhibit), and the Modern Museum is also open to visitors with no admission price.

Having fun in the Swedish Capital

Concerts, plays, shows, events and festivals take place every week in Stockholm, no matter what time of the year one visits. To save money and still have a good time, visit the city in June when the Midsummer Eve’s Celebrations, the “Taste of Stockholm” festival and the Stockholm Pride Festival take place, all free of charge. One can save money by purchasing tickets beforehand, buying them online.

Whether one’s looking for fun, culture or relaxation, the colorful city of Stockholm will surely not disappoint.

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