5 Insider tips on exploring Stockholm

The Swedish capital city is considered one of the most expensive cities of Europe. But with the help of a few insider tips, one can easily avoid the costly tourist sites, and have a unique experience in a budget-friendly way. Here’s part II on how to explore Stockholm in a cheap way (see part I here):

  • Catch the last-minute deals

The concept of last-minute deals is mostly for the more adventurous souls because you cannot have a concrete plan, and one must be willing to travel whenever a great bargain appears. Insider tip: winter months are cheaper because of low season. The key to getting a great hotel at a reasonable price is to check in from time to time on the price, and most importantly don’t pick only one hotel or date of travel, but browse through available flights and accommodations to find the most budget-friendly option.

  • Get Around on a Budget

Once in Stockholm, getting around is easy. The most budget-friendly option is to travel by bike, because the city has a very well-developed bicycle route system and renting one is also cheap. Public transportation is also a good idea, and to save money just buy a transportation pass which covers everything from buses to metros. Instead of getting on a tourist bus, hop on a regular local bus and tour the city for half the price with buses 1, 2, 3, and 4, which cover the main sights of Stockholm.

Bikes in the Old Town - Image via Flickr by Steve Braund

Bikes in the Old Town – Image via Flickr by Steve Braund

  • Stay With Locals

The cheapest accommodation sites in Stockholm are Airbnbs, where one gets to stay in a local’s room or apartment and can use their kitchen to prepare food. It is great for those not so eager to wait for last-minute deals, and another plus is that one gets to save money on meals, because buying groceries is much cheaper than eating at restaurants every day. Staying with locals gives you the advantage of getting insider tips on the best shows, bars, restaurants and sites in town.

  • Discover the Area

Free guided tours are available every day, where volunteers take tourists through the historic part of Stockholm. For a more in-depth sightseeing, contact a local who takes visitors on a more profound tour, concentrating mostly on local history and culture. For themed tours one must know that there are locals leading special tours, helping see Stockholm through the eyes of a foodie, or experience it on a motorcycle.

  • Explore the City for Free

Although many may not know, Stockholm has plenty to offer for free. In low-season one can take part in the Nobel Prize Award Lectures without any admission price, or ice-skate for free in Kungstradgarden. Some of the most beautiful churches of the city such as the Royal Cathedral or the Gustav Vasa Church are open to the public all year-round without any entrance fees. Head to the beach in summertime or to the Skogskyrkogarden cemetery to combine nature with architecture (a UNESCO-protected area).

Interior of Stockholm Cathedral - Image via Flickr by Kah-Wai Lin

Interior of Stockholm Cathedral – Image via Flickr by Kah-Wai Lin

The best trick for Stockholm is to get in touch with locals, who can show you around, offer you accommodation, and make you feel like you’re one of them.

Article part of the #HipmunkCityLove campaign.

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