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The charming city of Brasov, dotted by colorful houses and a medieval vibe, is located approximately in the heart of the country, in a valley surrounded by mountains and hills. Its proximity to nature in combination with its’ strong historic presence through various architectural marvels makes it one of the most-visited cities of Transylvania, along with Sighisoara and Sibiu. Below you can find some of the must-sees of the city:

The Black Church can be found in the center of the city, right next to Council Square. It is the largest Gothic Church in Romania and its construction was finalized in 1477. It is definitely one of the symbols of the city!

Black Church, Brasov, Romania Black Church, Brasov, Romania

black-church-sightseeing-brasov-romania (3)

Right next to the Black Church is Council Square, one of the main squares of the city. City Hall is surely the star of the square, as it stands out in all its beauty, right in the middle of the piazza.

City Hall, Council Square Brasov

City Hall, Council Square Brasov at night

The local Art Museum is a place we only managed to visit from the outside because of the lack of time. Even if you don’t have too much time at your disposal, the building itself is still worth taking a look! If you’d like to visit, you can find information on their official site here.

Brasov Art Museum

Don’t forget to wander around the many colorful streets of the city, and while you’re there, also explore Sforii Street, which is believed to be one of the narrowest in Europe!

streets of Brasov streets of Brasov

The Neogothic Synagogue, close to String Street is also a must-see if you’re in the area, at least from the outside! Its facade is absolutely gorgeous!

Synagogue Brasov

The Old City Walls, Towers and Gates of the Fortress once surrounding Brasov are not to be missed! I personally think that the magic atmosphere of the city is mostly due to the strongpresence of these historical pieces of architecture which have been preserved in great condition until today and which actually define Brasov. On the photos below you can see Catherine’s Gate, the Weaver’s Tower and a piece of the remaining walls. Insider tip: Don’t hesitate to go in the Weaver’s Tower! It is also known as the City History Museum and has a huge and unbelievably awesome scale-modell of Brasov, when all its walls and towers were still standing! A MUST-SEE!

Catherine's Gate, Brasov The Weaver's Tower, Brasov

Brasov Sightseeing

Old City Walls Brasov

Last but not least I’d advise you to just stroll around! And while you’re enjoying the colorful streets, don’t forget to look up every once in a while to admire the local architecture! Some buildings, like the Court of Justice (1) and the Czell Palace (2) are simply amazing!

Brasov Court of Justice

Czell Palace, Brasov

SIghtseeing in Brasov

SIghtseeing in Brasov

If you think that these are all the places you can visit, I can tell you now, you are wrong! 🙂 This is not even half of it! The next post, which will be live on Thursday will feature another bunch of must-sees in Brasov, which offer the best views of the city! Stay tuned!

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  • I love the architecture in Brasov, it’s such a beautiful city! 😀 I was surprised to see how quiet the old town was on a Saturday night, we were basically the only ones around, haha.

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