Nera Valley Highlights

Nera Valley

Like I told you in the first part of our Nera Valley escapade, I’ve saved the best for last! These two are the absolute stars of the region, since many people come to the Aninei Mountains to visit them particularly, and you can soon see why. The invitingly turquoise color of Ochiul Beiului Lake and the interesting formation which is Beusnita Falls contributes to a more than appealing destination.

We headed towards Beusnita Falls on the marked trail, which was located about 40 minutes away from our base, the campsite. The dirt road on which we were walking in the first 10 minutes quickly turned into a more interesting climb: right next to the water!

Beusnita Falls, Nera Valley Beusnita Falls, Nera Valley

Nevertheless, the road to Beusnita Falls isn’t long nor tiring, thus I recommend it to anyone who wants to see an awesome artwork by nature!

Beusnita Falls, Nera Valley Beusnita Falls, Nera Valley

Though we visited during a period of drought in August when there wasn’t too much water to fall, the structure of the waterfall still impressed us!

Beusnita Falls, Nera Valley beusnita-falls-nera-valley-romania (7)

The websites where I checked the route mentioned Ochiul Beiului Lake, which was supposed to be somewhere along the road towards the waterfall. I’ve read that it was a turquoise lake, and wrongly supposed that we passed it and because there was such a drought it wasn’t even that turquoise anymore. Until I saw this:

Ochiul Beiului Lake, Nera Valley

Nope, not photoshop! Not even a bit! That is the (sur)real color of this amazing lake! And I am sooo thankful we didn’t miss it and walk right past it! We were literally standing next to it for like, ten minutes, and couldn’t take our eyes off of it.

Ochiul Beiului Lake, Nera Valley

This is a dolina lake in the karstic Aninei Mountains, with a diameter of 15 meters and a depth of up to 3.6 meters. Due to the spring which feeds it with groundwater the lake never actually freezes. Impressive, right?

Ochiul Beiului Lake, Nera Valley

Ochiul Beiului Lake, Nera Valley

Ochiul Beiului Lake, Nera Valley

I definitely think driving 6+ hours to see this lake (and other amazing surroundings) was definitely worth it! If you want to visit the area, don’t forget to e-mail me for recommendations on the road you need to take! Also check out The Famous Bigar Falls and The Wonderland of the Nera Valley while you’re at it! If you liked the post, don’t forget to PIN it!

Ochiul Beiului Lake and Beusnita Falls

How do you like the lake?
Would you travel half a day to visit it?

13 Responses to “Nera Valley Highlights

  • I love these lakes ! Made me think about plitvice lakes in Croatia !

    • So happy you like them! Ohh don’t talk about Plitvice, I’ve wanted to visit it 2 times already and didn’t make it there yet. Hopefully third time will be the charm! 😀

      • Oh 🙁 I hope you will make it there. I don’t want to rub any salt in your wounds.. but it was one of my best memory of my Croatian trip 😛 ! You have to go back ! 😀 It can be tricky to reach though… I remembered driving nearly 3 hours to get there.

        • I know, it’s very high on my list! I love Croatia and will probably return many times in the future. First stop will definitely be Plitvice! 😀

          • I would love to go back as well. The first time I went I only visit the dalmatian coast but I would love to explore the north as well !

          • Then I recommend the Porec area – Rovinj, Vrsar and Lim Fjord are very close and all of them have awesome historic centers and the fjord is a beautiful nature area!

          • When is the best period to visit the north ? When we went to the dalmatian coast it was mid july and it was around 40 degrees.. a bit too much for me :p

          • We were in August but since it’s much northern, we didn’t experience such hot days. I think you might want to go in early September just to be sure to avoid the heat wave.

          • Good to know !

  • looks fantastic, next time I visit my friend in Romania I must get her to show them to me

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