The Best View of Sighisoara

I know, I’ve already talked about Sighisoara in detail the time I was discussing its value as a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site. And no, I’m not here to repeat myself! I simply wanted to share with you a totally awesome discovery which we witnessed merely 2 weeks ago.

When I booked our accommodation for the weekend I didn’t exactly check the precise location of our guesthouse, because it wasn’t all that important. We all had our cars with which we could get around easily, so it didn’t particularly bother us that we weren’t staying right in the city center.

I knew the guesthouse was on a hill, but never in my mind did I think it would be so high up. When I thought of Sighisoara, I somewhat forgot that it isn’t exactly located in a flat place, because the charming Old Town always seems to steal the spotlight from anything else.

At first we were a bit discouraged by the condition of the road honestly, which is not actually that awful, you only have to look out for potholes. As we were laughing off the fact that the booking site said the accommodation would be “in the vicinity” of the Old Town, a beautiful panorama opened in front of our eyes between the branches of the trees and shut us right up.

Best View of Sighisoara

Impressed yet?

What I actually loved was how the weather was so clear that we could even see the majestic Fagaras Mountains (boasting the tallest peak in Romania) in the background as the sun shined its lights on them. We all unanimously agreed that the bad road is a minuscule factor when at its end it offers you a view like this. 

The next morning we grabbed a cup of coffee at the nearby inn, chose the best table on the balcony, sat like a couple of lizards in the sun and just soaked it all in. Bella Vista? Spot on!

Coffee with a View - the Best View of Sighisoara

The Best View of Sighisoara

If you’re wondering how to get there, the good news is it’s probably one of the easiest places to reach in the city, because there are signposts everywhere. All you have to do is follow the VILA FRANKA sign and it will lead you straight to the top! The guesthouses are located approximately 4 kilometers from the city center, so it’s really not that far and it is totally worth to see if the weather is nice.

If you’re wondering how Sighisoara looks now, below you can find a few photos where the weather is much more beautiful than last time we were there. ENJOY! 🙂

Sighisoara Old Town UNESCO

Best View of Sighisoara best-views-of-sighisoara-romania (3)

Best View of Sighisoara



By the way, how do you like the view? 🙂


5 Responses to “The Best View of Sighisoara

  • Bad roads usually indicate the best places ;P Great reVIEW !

  • Soooo awesome! I need to visit Sighisoara during summer, when I last went it was gray and cold 🙁 Btw, would you say it’s easy to get to the guesthouse without a car?

    • I think if you can manage a 20-30 minute walk from the center, it can easily be done and it’s totally worth it 😀 Taxis can also take you up!

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