(GIVEAWAY!) Guide Yourself with the GPSMyCity Travel App

GPSMyCity travel app

Usually when I travel to new cities I very rarely hire a guide to show me around because I love to explore the place on my own. Naturally, this requires a bit of research beforehand, not to mention purchasing guidebooks and maps to keep track of the itinerary and direction. While I generally enjoy the process, sometimes I don’t have enough time or energy to go through it all. Luckily, the people behind GPSMyCity travel app have come up with a fantastic solution to simplify the whole operation by introducing article apps!

Who are GPSMyCity travel apps for?

For everyone and anyone in search of a helping hand while exploring a new city! These travel article apps are for those who want to simplify the planning process and delve into the local culture with the help of an experienced traveler’s tips and advice and a GPS. If you don’t have the time or patience to plan your itinerary, simply take out your phone and let it guide you the whole way through. The good news is thematic tours are also available alongside general city walks!

What is the GPSMyCity travel article app, you ask?

Through the GPSMyCity travel app you can very easily download a travel article for free and have full access to it anytime without any internet connection. While reading through a city guide is fun and nice, there’s an extremely useful upgrade available to ease the process of guiding yourself through a new city. For a small additional fee you can get full GPS-based navigation features on your phone or tablet. This will let you wander around a new place, even off-the-beaten-path, while giving you the confidence of knowing your exact location at all times. Once you’ve purchased the iOS or Android app, you can start exploring without the need of internet connection. Discover your dream destination at your own will and pace without ever getting lost!

GPSMyCity travel app

How can you get the GPS-guided articles for the city of your choice?

For starters, I am offering a few upgrades on 3 of my articles! Get the travel guides for these awesome lesser-known destinations in Europe and discover them once step at a time through your personal GPS guide! You can download them through the links for a limited period of time (until the 22nd of January):

GPSMyCity travel app

Even if you are not planning on visiting these cities anytime soon, you can still download them to see how the app works. The upgrades are also included in the download, so you can check out the details which make GPSMyCity such an awesome travel app.

If you’ve explored the app and are as much in love with it as I am, don’t hesitate to browse further to discover GPS-lead guides in your favorite cities!

I have a few other guides ready for you which you might find interesting, check them out:

Have you tried the GPSMyCity travel app? What do you think? Let me know your honest opinion in the comments section below!

GPSMyCity Travel App

If you’d like to help out this amazing project, the people at GPSMyCity have recently set up a Kickstarter campaign. Support this awesome cause below:

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