Florence, Italy

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Welcome, welcome to the center of rebirth, the origin of Renaissance, the “Athens of the Middle Ages”, the astonishing Florence! Culturally,...



Reims: a city in the Northern part of France, known as the place where the kings of the country were crowned....

Reims Cathedral

Recommending Reims (10 best advices)

because… 1. it’s close to Paris, and you can see the other Notre Dame in the country! 2. although it’s...

Reims Cathedral

Reims Cathedral

Photo diary of Reims Cathedral:  


Kosice, Slovakia’s second  largest city after its capital, Bratislava, is set on the river Hornád in the Eastern part of...

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Beautiful K.

A photo diary of lovely Kosice, Slovakia (click on the images for full size):

Debrecen Sightseeing


Debrecen: famous for being one of the cultural and social centers of Hungary, home to some of the most renowned Hungarian scientists,...

Debrecen Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Debrecen


View from the tower, Sibiu

Sibiu, Romania

Introducing one of the most wonderful cities from my home country, the spell-binding Sibiu (Romanian),or Nagyszeben (Hungarian)! The city is...

Sibiu Evangelical Church

Sibiu Top 8

1. drive up to the city, admire the breathtaking sights! 2. don’t arrive by plane – you’ll miss the beauty...

Salzburg - view from the fortress

Salzburg ~Austria~

Welcome to the ravishing city of Salzburg, the fourth largest in Austria, and one of my personal favorites from all...

Mirabell Park in Salzburg

Practical Guide to Salzburg

1. take a tour in the Old Town– you don’t get to walk through a UNESCO World Heritage Site every...

Journey through Salzburg

in Haarlem

Haarlem *the Netherlands*

What’s the first thing that comes in mind, when talking about The Netherlands? Windmills, of course! Well, it’s no different...

Venice (Italy)

Venice: a city of great potential, opportunities and possibilities. It is home to one of the biggest carnivals in the...