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CityoftheWeek was born in 2011 in attempt to document my travels for myself. Seriously, I had no clue back then that blogging meant something (much, much!) more. You might find my first few set of posts a bit awkward and maybe even useless (among the firsts were Venice, Haarlem, Salzburg, Sibiu, Debrecen and Kosice), but I learned a lot from the information I looked up (that’s right, posts weren’t at all personal back then), and gathered together in one little post, so I decided not to delete them even though they differ from the CityoftheWeek you see today.

At first, it was all about cities. I was in love with the architecture, smell and agglomeration of the new cities I visited. I always dreamed that I would live in a big city someday.

But things change..

After my first ever mini-hike in the mini-mountains, my love for cities was overshadowed by my love for nature. And mountains, and gorges, and streams, and leaves, and the quiet and serenity that goes with it. So CityoftheWeek wasn’t about just cities anymore. It became a whole cavalcade of nature, adventure, exploring, sightseeing, snorkeling, hiking – all on a tight budget.

And the best thing yet? It’s continuously changing, as I am too …

So follow along for this exciting, ever-changing ride with me! 🙂

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  • Hey there! Love the way you introduce yourself. It is always incredible and a lot of fun to watch a blog evolve (especially when it’s your own work, right)… Keep up the good work and keep travelling 🙂

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