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My name is Adri (read Audrey) and I’m a 20-something girl living in a small city in the heart of Transylvania. Being part of the Hungarian minority of Romania, I have had the chance to observe the difference between two coexisting cultures, which has made me curious ever since I was a child. My thirst for discovery has just kept growing over the years, and has pushed me to visit new places as often as I can. Travel has become a priority, and I’m trying to live every moment taking it into account. I am in my last year of my Master’s degree,  studying Geography of Tourism and Regional Development, so I’ve had the time to travel during my University years. One mustn’t forget that these adventures were all pursued on a tight student budget, so CityoftheWeek is all about budget-friendly travel. Personal experiences, photographs, memories can also be found here, spiced with an ounce of advice and a bit of criticism.

Sharing information about cities, natural wonders, do’s and don’ts, how to travel and what to experience; what’s worth trying out and what you should avoid; what’s a must and what’s forbidden.

In short, “just a little where-to-go, what-to-see, what-to-chew-on”.

And ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you my “silent partner”, who isn’t an actual writer on the blog, but contributes with a very important aspect without which CityoftheWeek would never exist: Árpi (read  RP) takes the amazing photos you have all seen here. He also usually edits them and tries to make the most out of our compact camera (Nikon P100), which by the way we are hoping to replace with some more professional equipment soon. He is my chosen one, so you’ve all seen him in some photos, since he is the one I travel with the most. 🙂 We have exciting new adventures coming up, so stick around!

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