Source: Jodi Helmer

Source: Jodi Helmer

If you’re ever in need of a couple of excellent blogs to either give you inspiration or help you out with travel planning, let me help! Here are some of the best blogs out there, in my opinion, which I’ve been following for the last few years.


  • Alex in Wanderland – “A New York native who left her home to explore her the world slowly and thoroughly”, I’ve been following Alex’s amazing journeys for years. I especially follow her for her travels in Asian Destinations, as well as her scuba-diving adventures.


  • Continental Breakfast Travel – John, the British expat living in Germany shares budget-friendly travel tips as he explores Europe and beyond on the cheap. I had the awesome chance of meeting him twice when he visited Transylvania and we actually got to explore Peles Castle together.



  • Just a Pack – Randi and Michael left New York in 2014 and have been spreading the word about affordable and responsible travel ever since. I started following them when they visited Romania and thoroughly enjoy their posts on the stunning Czech Republic, where they currently live.


  • Kami and the Rest of the World – When it comes to off-the-beaten-path destinations, Kami is the one you need to turn to! She’s a badass Polish girl who has a full-time job and still manages to travel a lot. My favorite posts from her are of the Balkans.




  • Roaring Romania -Alexandra is a travel guide from the coastal town of Constanta living in the Romanian capital. I adore her posts on Bucharest (yet to be visited by me, hopefully soon) and her insightful travel tips on visiting Romania in general. (If you’re visiting my home country and are in need of an excellent guide, she’s the one to call!)



  • Travelling Buzz – Maria is a part-time travel blogger and adventurer based in Sofia, focusing on affordable travel. I follow her especially for her adventure tips as well as her journey on discovering her home country, Bulgaria.


  • Young Adventuress – Liz is an experienced traveller with over 40 countries under her belt and an affinity for the great outdoors. I simply love her posts about visiting New Zealand and her travel tips on discovering Spain, where she lived for 2 years. Her humor is also on point.

As you can see, the list is pretty varied – everything from Asian destinations to budget backpacking in the Balkans – just how I like a good day of reading 🙂 Enjoy~!