A few hours in Verona

I wanted to share with you some photos of my time in Verona. Unfortunately, when we got there, the mighty Arena was already closed so we couldn’t get in, but we still got to make some pictures of it from outside. You can see that the walls of the amphitheater are in a pretty good shape, creating an impressive site of a 2000 year old ruin:

Juliet’s balcony is one of the top attractions of the city, thanks to the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. Some tourists even went up to the balcony, but I think you have to pay an entrance fee for that. Nevertheless, there were plenty of people in the court, so even the ones who didn’t got up there were still happy to see the renown balcony

There is a bronze sculpture of the play’s female character, Juliet in the courtyard. Her right breast is much more shiny than her body, because legend has it that if you touch it, new love will find you, and it also brings luck into your love life. I think that almost everyone who’s there strives to touch it, there’s a bunch of people waiting in line for it as you can see in the pictures below:

The famous play is still “on air” these days in the Arena:

Before you enter Juliet’s square, you can observe that the walls of the pathway leading to the atrium are filled with little notes and a lot of them consist of Juliet+Romeo-types of  writings. It is a custom that a lot of people who visit Verona write their and their loved ones initials or full name on this wall:

Finally, some photos of the city and streets, which do not need words to express how beautiful Verona truly is:

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