Bratislava Old Town

Even though we caught a fairly awful weather in Bratislava earlier this year, nothing could ruin the lovely historic center of the Slovakian capital city. See & decide for yourselves in the gallery below! 🙂 and have a lovely weekend!

view of the Old Town & the coronation church

view of the Old Town & the coronation church

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  • Is Bratislava worth visiting? Travel bloggers reveal what to expect - The Journey Journal :

    […] “Although we visited Bratislava on a day with awful weather (and ended up spending only two short hours in the city because of it), the capital’s colors shined through the grayness and the cold. Our first stop was the renowned castle, from where the view over the city is just stunning. The old town is particularly beautiful with all houses having red rooftops, and St. Martin’s Cathedral standing tall among them. Although I wasn’t necessarily a big fan of the renovations made in the castle (especially of the windows), when we walked down to the Old Town I was blown away. The Secessionist buildings were a real gem, complete by the great atmosphere provided by the many bronze statues located in the center. I would definitely say that Bratislava is a true treasure of Eastern Europe, and I’d love to see it on a sunnier day, when I’m guessing it’s even more beautiful.” Read her post Bratislava Old Town. […]

    7 years ago

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