Koukounaries Beach

If you’ve been on the Skiathos boat trip coming from the mainland, then you probably know that the second stop on the island is on Koukounaries Beach. It is located on the southern side of the island considered the most beautiful beach on the island. It is one of the few locations in Greece where stone pine forests still exist. Compared to Leptokarya’s beaches, K. is indeed much more beautiful, but very crowded because besides the two big Elisabet Cruise boats that bring their tourists here simultaneously, there were a lot of other smaller tourist boats + the people who spend their  holiday there. Those who were sensitive to strong sunlight went to visit a small national park which had black and white swans.

the only photo we took in K - we were too busy filling our 1&1/2 h with snorkeling!

the only photo we took in K – we were too busy filling our 1&1/2 h with snorkeling!

But we managed to find ourselves a pretty little rocky part, where stones dominated the sea (and there were much more sea animals) so we managed to snorkel a bit. The boat only stood still for one hour and a half, so we only got to a sample of what Koukounaries really had to offer. Again, compared to Leptokarya (which is a poor choice if you plan to scuba or snorkel on your holiday), Koukounaries would’ve been a better choice for a 7-day stay. But I’m not complaining, since we managed to do so much under those seven days (you’ll see in the next few posts).

Stay tuned for the continuation of our Greece journey! 🙂

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