Why Florence is the Perfect Destination for Every Type of Traveler

When people hear about Florence, Italy, they often think that it’s mainly for museum-lovers who go from exhibition to exhibition and stare at paintings for hours. We’re here to tell you that is not entirely true. Florence has something exciting to offer for every type of tourist, with a lot of budget-friendly and free activities.

  • For the Artist

What better place is there to search for artistic inspiration than the European Art Capital? Whether you’re a painter, a sculptor, or an architect, you don’t even have to enter any museums for brainstorming. Just stroll through any street in Florence, and you’ll likely find your muse in a lovely little piazza, an impressive edifice, or a local market.

  • For the Historian

As a historian you probably know already that Florence was the first city in Europe to have paved streets, that Hitler didn’t destroy the Ponte Vecchio because he thought it was too beautiful, and that the city was ruled by one of the most powerful families, the Medicis, leaving behind many palaces. So why not visit these important historical landmarks and see them for yourself?

Il Duomo by Couple's Coordinates via Trover

Il Duomo by Couple’s Coordinates via Trover

  • For the Foodie

There’s probably no better place to enjoy a delicious Italian dish than Florence, home to some of the best wine and cheese in the world. During your visit, take the time and money to enjoy a local dining experience, but remember to choose a restaurant outside the tourist area – it is cheaper and more authentic.

  • For the Party Starter

If you thought Florence was only a city of museums and art, you should visit some of the 70 cafes, bars, and clubs perfect for a night out on the town. Remember that the best places, just like restaurants, are in the outskirts of the city, where you can party among locals.

  • For the Romantic

For a romantic escapade with your chosen one, choose the Tuscan capital and enjoy a lovely walk on the bank of the Arno at sunset. Or you can organize an intimate and classy picnic with Italian wine and cheese at the Boboli Gardens.

Florence at night - photo by Rana Vishwadeep Mall via Trover

Florence at night – photo by Rana Vishwadeep Mall via Trover

  • For the Family Man

If you plan on bringing the kids on your visit to Florence, here’s something to consider: There are many museums and galleries which host appealing exhibits and educational programs for kids, such as the Institute and Museum of Science, the Uffizzi Gallery, or the Children’s Museum at Palazzo Vecchio.

  • For the Unique Experience Seeker

Instead of staying at a hotel, pick a budget-friendly lodging such as an Airbnb or a bed-and-breakfast and stay at a local’s place. You can get insider tips from your host as well as a realistic view on how Florentines live. Instead of going on a group tour, hire a local to walk you through the more authentic places in Florence, off the beaten path in a private tour of the city.

Whether you’re in the city with family or friends and want to taste great food or admire inspirational art, Florence will not disappoint. If you’re a budget traveler, you’ll surely want to find out about how to visit Florence on the Cheap and get an insight to the 6 Tricks in Planning Your Budget Trip to Florence. You also might be interested in the 6 Best Places to Stay in Florence and exploring Florence off the Beaten Path.

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Florence for Every Type of Traveler

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