Sightseeing in Maribor on a Rainy Day

Sightseeing in Maribor, Slovenia

Last year we went on a 10-day road trip through gorgeous Slovenia. This country has impressed me in many ways, and throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be here to tell the tale. Our first stop was in Maribor, the second largest city after the capital Ljubljana. Located in the eastern part of the country, it proved to be the perfect place to spend the night after a tiring day of being on the road (driving all the way from Transylvania). Although the weather wasn’t exactly ideal, we still managed to do a bit of sightseeing in Maribor. During our half-day visit, here’s what we found:

The Old Vine of Maribor

Wine lovers, rejoice! Lo and behold: the oldest vine in the World! Located right at the heart of Maribor, this fascinating vine was planted towards the end of the Middle Ages. It is believed to be over 400 (!) years old and it still grows between 35 and 55 kg of grapes each year. The wine made from these grapes is a rare treat, since only about 100 bottles are filled yearly. It won a well-deserved place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine on the Planet still bearing grapes. Read the entire story of the Old Vine of Maribor here.

Old Vine | Sightseeing in Maribor

Old Vine | Sightseeing in Maribor


Maribor Main Square / Glavni Trg

The charming Main Square of Maribor is the second largest in all of Slovenia. It boasts a memorial with sculptures at its heart, which is surrounded by some picturesque buildings. The old meeting place of the merchants, the square is home to quite a few shops and cafes today. It’s one of the best places to do some people-watching as you enjoy your favorite blend of coffee.

Glavni Trg | Sightseeing in Maribor

Charming Streets, Houses and Rooftops

One of the best things you can do while sightseeing in Maribor, is to just walk around. Look beyond the attractions listed on Tripadvisor, grab an umbrella if it’s raining and just start walking. The Old Town area is filled with cute architectural gems, narrow cobbled streets and charming details. Don’t forget to look up!

Rooftops | Sightseeing in Maribor

Houses | Sightseeing in Maribor

Streets | Sightseeing in Maribor

Fascinating Churches and Maribor University

Maribor Cathedral is located just steps away from our accommodation. The Roman Catholic church is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and the original building was constructed in the late 12th century in Romanesque style. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to climb up to the bell tower and admire the city from above!

Maribor Cathedral | Sightseeing in Maribor

Adjacent to the Cathedral you can find the University of Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest uni. Also belonging to the University is the fabulous Botanical Garden, showcasing the varied plant world of north-eastern Slovenia and more. The Gardens are located in the southern outskirts of the city.

University of Maribor | Sightseeing in Maribor

The Franciscan Church is another impressive religious edifice which you should definitely visit during your day of sightseeing in Maribor. Known as the Basilica of Our Mother of Mercy, the red-bricked building you see today was built on the remnants of a monastery dating back to the 12th century. If you’re lucky, you might catch the lengthy and beautiful bell song emanating from the Basilica.

Franciscan Church Maribor | Sightseeing in Maribor


Maribor Water Tower and the Banks of the Drava River

Last but not least, before you leave Maribor, make sure you take a walk on the banks of the Drava River. For a picture-perfect view of the Old Town, head over to the Southern bank and explore the walkway between the two main bridges. Include the Water Tower in your day of exploration, a 16th century landmark located on the Western bank of the Drava River. This area is also filled with cafes, bars and restaurants and can be the perfect place for an evening of R&R.

Maribor Water Tower | Sightseeing in Maribor

Where to Stay in Maribor

Since we only spent one night in Maribor we really wanted a central lodging to be close to some of the city center’s attractions. After some browsing, we opted for the Bascarsija Etno House and I’m really glad we went with it. The accommodation site is located just steps away from the main square on a lively street filled with bars and restaurants. We managed to find a parking space right in front of the Cathedral and luckily for us, it was free during the weekend! Due to its location, some rooms might let in noise from the busy street (depending on the time of the day). Since we were very tired, we weren’t at all bothered by this and went straight to sleep in the evening.

Bascarsija Etno House Maribor Slovenia

The family-owned guesthouse also features a lovely restaurant serving traditional Bosnian food prepared by Bosnian chefs. We chose a room with a private kitchen, so we could prep our own coffee and potentially eat there. However, we were lured to the restaurant by the amazing smell of food and we weren’t disappointed – the portion was huge, the price was fair and the food was an absolute delight!

Dinner at Bascarsija Etno House, Sightseeing in MariborAlthough our visit was short, I’d say we managed to get a taste of quite a few attractions near the city center. If I could go back (I might), I’d definitely include a trip up Pyramid Hill. I would definitely include a climb up the church tower for a better view and would also love to taste some fine local wine as I watch the world go by on one of the many terraces along the banks of the Drava River.


Have you visited beautiful Maribor? What attractions would you recommend visitors?

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Sightseeing in Maribor, Slovenia

4 Responses to “Sightseeing in Maribor on a Rainy Day

  • Aww, you’ve been to my home-town. What a lovely guide! Love it!

    • Yes I have! 🙂
      I loved it too! You have such a charming hometown! Was a little sad that it was raining and we only had a limited amount of time. But I’ll definitely be back for a good bottle of local wine to enjoy by the lovely Drava River! 🙂

  • Amazing trip!
    I haven’t been to Slovenia yet. But after reading this post I will add it to my list of places to visit. The food looks delicious in the photo. Hope you enjoyed it.

    • I enjoyed it very much!
      So much so, that it’s actually one of the very few places I cannot wait to return to!
      Do try and visit it, it’s a truly wonderful, reachable and affordable place and I highly recommend it!

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