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Welcome to the ravishing city of Salzburg, the fourth largest in Austria, and one of my personal favorites from all the places I have been! The name of the city literally means “Salt Castle” and implies that in the 8-th century they delivered salt by barks on the Salzach River. The world-famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here. The city might also ring a bell from the 1965 movie, The Sound of Music, which won Best Motion Picture and 4 other Oscars at

the 38th Academy Awards. In the late 18-th century it was the center of late Illuminism. The Old Town was claimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its internationally renowned baroque architecture and one of the best-reserved city-centers North of the Alps. It has the most graceful buildings and the most amazing view from the Hohensalzburg Fortress. The panorama is more than enchanting, so if you visit, be sure to take the time to walk up to the castle.

Salzburg - view from the fortress

Salzburg – view from the fortress


The city lies in the North-Western part of Austria,on the banks of the Salzach River at the northern boundary of the Alps. The closest alpine peak (Untersberg with its 1972 m) is just a few kilometers from the center. The city is also surrounded by two smaller mountains, the Mönchsberg and the  Kapuzinerberg, which offer visitors a captivating sight to remember!

In order to get there, you may travel by different means of transport. For all of you who like to fly, I have great news: Salzburg’s W. A. Mozart Airport offers a great deal of international flights from scheduled flights to charter flights, depending on one’s taste and schedule. So, don’t hesitate to look up the adequate flights for yourself, and travel to this delightful city, A.S.A.P.! If you’re more of a train-person, you won’t be disappointed by the comfort and quality of Austrian trains. If you’d like to reach Salzburg by bus, you can do so if you’re already in the country from another city, or even from your hometown, or the closest city to you. For more information about how to travel through Salzburg, you can find in the Arrival&Traffic section. Also, if you’d like to hire a car, rent a bicycle or a scooter, you should check out some info related to this here.

Worried about finding the perfect place to stay? Don’t! There are countless hotels and campsites for you to stay in. Let’s start with the luxury-preferring group. For all of you guys, i assure that you can find the perfect hotel, depending on your budget and personal likes. If you’d like to compare accommodation, you can do so; or if you’d like to view some of the favorite hotels in Salzburg,  you can check that out too. Even if you’d like a more low-budget hotel, you can browse through the ones featured in the sites above-I’m positive that you can find something fit to your taste and your pocket. Also, you might take into consideration the number of Bed&Breakfasts, inns and hostels available in the city. If you’re more of an outdoor-person, you might prefer staying in a campsite. Austrian campsites are very well-equipped, to guarantee you a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

lovely Salzburg

lovely Salzburg

Salzburg covers beer gardens, stirring coffee shops, charming traditional restaurants  and cozy, intimate inns which invite tourists to wine and dine in the city. Austrian gastronomy is quite wide-ranged, based on Hungarian spices, Italian creativity and Germanic traditions. Austrians put the emphasis on breakfast (considering it to be the most important meal of the day), which consists of semmeln, butter, coffee, muesli, boiled egg, cold cuts (such as ham, bacon or sausages), jam, cakes and pastries and orange juice. Some of the most popular soups are Rindssuppe, Wiener Suppentopf and Erdapfelkas soup. Between the main courses the most popular are: Kaspressknodel, Beuschl, Käsespätzle, Wiener Schnitzel, Rindsrouladen and Bierfleisch. The top desserts are: Kaiserschmarrn, Apfelstrudel, Salzbulger Nockerl and Gugelhupf cake. If you’re looking for some restaurants based on price, cuisine or location, you can certainly find some fit to your taste. Also, if you’re seeking some unique Austrian dining experiences, you can check out some of these restaurants.

Having already mentioned cafe’s and beer gardens, you’re probably wondering what they are like in Salzburg. A beer garden is an open-air area around a brewery or an inn. Salzburg’s filled with them, so if you’re a big fan of beer, you’ve come to the right place! Because of the wide range of beer gardens and pubs, be sure to pick one that isn’t way over your budget! As for coffee houses, and shops- you won’t be disappointed! You can find one (or more) on every street, and there are a lot to choose from. So don’t stay in your hotel room all day- go out and experience life in Salzburg!

Next, I would like to present the main sites to see in this charming city. First off, I’d like to start with the city’s “symbol”, Hohensalzburg Fortress. The castle is the largest, fully-preserved fortress in Europe. It was built in the late XI-th century, and offers one of the most spectacular views over the city. It can be reached by foot, or by a cable railway. The walk is about twenty minutes long, but  for all of you who are more lazy or in a hurry: for about 5  Euros, you can get there in about one and a half minutes by funicular. But my advice is to take the time and advance by foot- trust me, the climb is totally worth it! The entrance into the castle is about 7-8 Euros. Inside the fortress, besides valuing the wonderful castle, you can also admire the sight from cafe’s and coffee shops. Second order of business would be Mozart’s Birthplace. The “museum” is open for the public all year long, at for 7 Euros everyone can visit the music-mind’s place of birth. The next stop would be Mozart’s Residence, where everyone can cherish the virtuoso’s home. Hellbrunn Palace is next on the list, with it’s amazing palace, breathtaking park and wonderful trick fountains, which offers tourists a visit to remember. Speaking of parks, I wouldn’t leave out the dazzling Mirabell Park which can sweep you off your feet and is the perfect place for having a romantic time with your loved one. If you’re an animal-lover, then you can visit Salzburg Zoo, which is home to over 140 animal species from all over the world. If you like architecture, you can admire the Baroque Salzburg Cathedral, originally built in 767, but was burnt down and rebuilt, expanded and enlarged later. If you like museums, there are a lot to choose from depending on what you like most: there is the Salzburg Museum, with an impressive archeological collection, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Natural History and Technology and last, but not least is the Salzburg Residence Gallery. As you can see, Salzburg has plenty to see- and all of it is worth seeing!

Mirabell Park in Salzburg

Mirabell Park in Salzburg

As for activities and entertainment, I can only offer you a site with a list of events throughout the year. You mustn’t miss the Christmas Market, one of the most important event of the year, where you can find the perfect presents and gifts for your loved ones. Let’s don’t forget about the Salzburg Opera Festival, held every year with some of the best singers in the world.

A piece of advice: you shouldn’t go after others, but plan your own trip and experience Salzburg in your own way! Here are some do-it-yourself Tour ideas throughout the country. P.S.: I wouldn’t want to miss The Sound of Music Tour!

If you go shopping, don’t forget to buy some Mozart-chocolate or Mozart-books, Mozart-violins or anything that’s related to Mozart! The city’s famous for having this theme and making some good money by naming every product after the famous composer (everything from chocolate to kid’s cars & dolls). Remember: if you haven’t bought anything Mozart-themed, you’ve never really been to Salzburg!

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