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Finally! The new article I’ve been dying to write and share with you, is here! Why is it so important to me? Well, I must confess that I have spent the most fun and relaxing 8 days ever in Poreč! The reason I wanted to make a post of this city so badly is because it is very dear to my heart and I was there merely 7 months ago, in wonderful July, so my memories of the holiday are still- more or less- vivid. I would like to share with you some must-know information and also a taste of my personal experiences, as well as advice and tips on how to move around and what to visit.

As for starters, you should know that the city Poreč is more than 2000 years old and it is considered one of the eldest towns in Istria. The city center is based on a Roman castrum which dates back to the 2nd century B.C. Until this day, the Roman postmark stands proud and still in the city: there are still some ruins left from the “old” days which have survived through the darkest times in history. However, the most important public buildings, bourgeois edifices, mansions and towers were put up during the Venetian domination, in the Middle Ages.

Croatia is located in Central and Southeast Europe. Poreč lies on the Western Coast of the Istrian Peninsula, in Istria county, close to the country’s border to Slovenia.

Getting there is pretty easy and can be made by various transport services, depending on one’s taste in travel. If you live far from Croatia, or just like the comfort and rapidity of an airplane, you can easily fly to Zračna Luka Pula Airport. Pula is only at a distance of 50 kilometers from Poreč, which means that, by renting a car, you can reach your desired destination in about 40-50 minutes, depending on the traffic. If you live in Croatia and would like to travel to the city for a city-break, or a short beach holiday, you should turn to the Croatian Railways. You can even reserve your ticket in advance on the internet, and also check the prices. Although  Poreč doesn’t have a train station, the closest one is in Pazin at about 30 kilometers distance. A lot of tourists take the train there, and from Pazin hop on a bus to  Poreč.  And yes, the possibility of travelling by bus can also be an option! For those who’d rather travel by bus, you can book your tickets online here and here, depending on which company’s services you would like to use. Travelling  by car is the fastest way to get there if you’re from a surrounding country. Even if you’ll have a long drive, the flat and well-constructed highways can lead your path right into the heart of the city, in a fair amount of time. An interesting fact is that in addition to Poreč’s harbor, you can also reach the city from Venice, Italy by boat. You can arrange your tickets in advance here, sit back and enjoy the wonderful experience of a cruise, whilst visiting beautiful cities all in one day.

Getting around is the easiest thing to do, and it is almost impossible to get lost! You don’t really need a car to visit the main sights, only if you travel outside the city. There are also buses leaving to the nearby places, so you don’t necessarily need a car in order to view the city’s surroundings. A boat trip can be the best way to explore the near-Poreč area. There are daily cruises leaving from the city’s dock, the schedule containing wonderful cities like Rovinj and Vršar, but also to the impressively alluring Lim fiord, of which I wrote here and posted some personally taken photos here. The boat trips cost around 25 euros and contain some drinks and a meal on the boat. There are also daily cruises to Venice. For about 50 Euros you can visit the capital of European carnivals.

The first issue that needs to be attended when you want to travel somewhere, is the problem of a proper accommodation for your own personal taste. Well, I can assure you: Porec has it all! From expensive, luxurious high-profile hotels, to the most nature-friendly of campings– the city and its’ surroundings won’t disappoint! You can also find discount hotels and apartments which also offer a comfortable and snug stay.

Good news for all you food and wine lovers! Istrian gastronomy is bound to blow your taste buds right out of this World! The main specialties are based on fruits of the soil and those of the sea. Between traditional foods we can enumerate maneštra (a kind of vegetable soup with an addition of meat), fuži, njoki, pljukanci or pastuce (these are traditional pasta-types). Ombolo (boneless pork loin) and kobasice (sausages) are traditional meat types. Among fish and seafood dishes we can recite sardines, shellfishsea-bass and crabs. As a desert, ice cream is a must-have! This delish is prepared after recipes passed on for generations. It is a culinary experience that must not be missed out! It tastes nothing, like the best ice creams you’ve ever tasted- it’s way better than that! Wine roads are also a fun experience if you’re into sophisticated drinks. You can find more information on these thematic excursions here. Restaurants offer a unique and blissful dining experience, it is said that the city is worth visiting even just to eat there, although prices in Porec are quite expensive for Croatia.

In the “main sights to visit” chapter I would like to emphasize the importance  of a 5th century church, the  Euphrasian Basilica, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The roman ruins, and the city, in totality-the narrow cobblestone streets, the beautiful homes, the colorful Persian blinds and rooftops, the seagulls flying over your head and that fresh smell of the sea, which doesn’t let you forget where you are-not even for a second. There is also the famous Aquarium, but by the number of advertisements spread all over the country, I thought it would be a bigger fascination than it actually was.

Porec Old Ruins

Porec Old Ruins

While in Poreč, please don’t miss out trying one-or all!- water sports that this magical sea sided place has to offer. Water-skiing, parasailing, scuba-diving and snorkeling are just a few, so go on, pack your bags, and try them all!

(p.s.: to avoid any confusion, the photo in this post was taken off the internet (from here), not shot by me!)

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  • Porec is great. Rovinj and Pula are my favorite cities in Istra though. Check out Split in Dalmacija. Such an amazing atmosphere 🙂

    • Rovinj is one of my favorite too! I’m planning to write about it soon! 🙂 I didn’t get to Split or Dalmacija yet, but hopefully this year! 🙂

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