Poreč Tips

1. don’t get fooled by the pay-tolls!  you can easily pay double if you don’t know your currency

2. visit the Euphrasian Basilica! – it is a National Heritage, and it is worth a visit!

3. don’t forget to check the prices! – for example, a 0,5 liter beer costs 3 Euros (or more) in a restaurant

4. ice cream is a must! – it is a real delish!

5.  don’t expect much from the Aquarium!  – it can be a disappointment

6. go on a boat trip! – enjoy the mix of fresh air, crystal-clear water and thousand year-old cities!

7. don’t be fooled by false boat-trip advertisers! – arrange your trip through a certified agency

8. snorkel! – don’t miss out the chance to watch sea animals up-close!

9. don’t visit the city by car! – rent a bike or go on foot, it’s worth it!

10. try the seafood! – experience new dishes, no matter where you are!

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