Beaches of Porec

Although I have already written about the city itself, I would like to analyze the situation of Porec beaches, simply from my point of view. Being there last summer, I’d like to share my experiences and give you some advice of its’ lovely shore and possibilities. First off, I’d like to say that there are several beaches in the near-Porec area, most famous being the ones of Plava Laguna & Zelena Laguna Beach Resorts. There is also Gradsko Kupaliste, which is the main city beach. Personally, I have spent time in Zelena Laguna, but mainly in Bijela Uvala, experiencing the wonder and beauty of Croatian beaches!

In the first place, I would like to emphasize the fact that Croatia – in all- rarely has long, sandy beaches. It may have a little proportion of sand, but the coasts are mainly made up of white pebbles or smaller rocks,  (on which if you walk, although very painful, but it’s really healthy for your circulation). Anyway, flip-flops are advised to use even in the water, especially for kids, avoiding the mistake of stepping on to a sharper rock and getting injured. In some cases it can also be paved, or grassy. Almost every beach has small particles of this- and that (pebbles, rocks & sand), but they are mainly really small (I mean the sandy ones) and probably occupied by the time you get there.

Before I talk about the water, I’d like to point out the wonderful presence of the trees all around every beach in Porec, offering you a chance to cool down after your sunbathing. It is also a positive thing for children with sensitive skin who get burned easily. They can simply hide for a while in the shade of these special trees.

The water? Ahh yes, the water! It is mainly crystal-clear, having a blueish or greenish effect, depending on how the sunlight gets “swallowed” by the water.  (in the photos I’m going to share, the water might not be that crystalline, but don’t worry, it is just because the rain and bad weather we caught!-it usually clears up in one-two day’s time) In some beaches, the water deepens slowly, giving a chance for the children to play near to the shore. Please take a chance on snorkeling, it really isn’t a hard “sport” and the time you take to learn to dive under is worth everything! It is an amazing opportunity for you to see animal life right up-close, because most of these sea creatures come very close to the shore, giving you a chance to delectably watch them as they go on their daily swim. Don’t be scared to dive, you can touch from crabs to waterlilies almost every animal if they’re not to quick for you! And the satisfaction is at its’ maximum! But please, respect them and have the decency to throw them back once properly analysed, so you can make sure the next generation sees them also!

And now, some photos of the beaches (mainly Bijela Uvala), as promised:

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