Mondsee Highlights

Here are the top 10 unique reasons for which you should visit this amazing town! You can:

1. get close to the everyday Austrian life by choosing to stay in a farm house!

2. view original pile-dwellings (there are only 4 sites which have this unique legacy in all Austria) in the Heimat Museum!

3. go on a trip with a bicycle and see the whole Salzkammergut Region with all its’ breathtaking lakes!

4. see the original site where the wedding scene from the movie “The Sound of Music” was taken!

5. catch an earnest collection of fish in Mondsee lake if you’re lucky and like fishing!

6. have a hot chocolate in one of the cozy taverns on the bank of the lake!

7. take a walk around the lake enjoying the ensemble of the sparkling water, the eminent mountain and the fresh air!

8. eat a traditional Austrian meal in one of many snug restaurants among the shore of the lake!

9. just sit on a bench and observe the calm and beauty of the small town life!

10. even swim in the lake or go rowing! it can be a perfect activity for a hot summer afternoon!

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