Disneyland Rides! -My Personal Top 10

The first ride we randomly rushed to as we anxiously entered the park was Space Mountain: Mission 2 (in Discoveryland). As we got on the specially designed space shuttles and started our journey by the rocket gently drifting into space, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the ride won’t be so “soft” all the way through. The fact that it abruptly went downhill kind of proved my point, twisting and twirling, even speeding upside down, going over comets, stars and supernovas. Ultimately, we found out that our first try was one of the most extreme rides in the park, but the adrenaline rush that even made me shake of enthusiasm as I stepped out of the rocket, only made me going back for more later that day.

My other favorite ride was another with a high adrenaline dose, the Indiana Jones and the Temple du Péril (of Adventureland). Firstly I would like to point out the amazing scenery that was painted before us as we stepped in line on the wait for our adventure. I have to say that the decoration is incredible, there’s an Indiana Jones vibe that just makes you feel like you’re on a quest by his side. And the ride was absolutely breathtaking, I can’t even count how many times I went on it. For a second, before you fall face-down a 360 degrees loop, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole park.

A different movie-based joyride is the Pirates of the Caribbean (also in Adventureland). There is no minimum height or age requirement for this one, yet still they managed to create an ambiance that pleases small children as well as adults at the same time. It is a fairly relaxing boat ride, with small drops, but hearing the skulls talk to you and some pirates singing and drinking rum is worth every bit of your time.

Big Thunder Mountain (in Frontierland) is probably the loudest roller-coaster in the park. It is a memento of old American Western Films spiced with a coal mine atmosphere. It doesn’t give you a high adrenaline shock, but the panoramic view of the park and the steep drop at the end can be a real thrill.

The next one is Phantom Manor (also in Frontierland), a ravishing house of which at first I thought it will scare me right out of Disneyland. But, as it turned out, it can really be awe-striking hence the impressive scenery consisting of a Ghost Host, screams, echoes, weird sounds and a ballroom full of dancing holographic ghosts that kept disappearing and reappearing. I really loved it because of the continuous tension that was spreading in the room, because no one knew what to expect. Thus, they surprised us with a memory no one will never forget!

Our next destination was a ride with a bit of a twirl and ended up with some of my friends getting a little bit nauseous in The Mad Hatter’s Teacups (in Fantasyland). It is for any age and height, and it involves sitting in a huge teacup (3-4 people can fit in it), and you can make your cup spin round and round (faster or slower depending on your willingness), all this while the lane is turning too! I wouldn’t really advise anyone to go 3-4 times one after the other, because you can get so dizzy that you’ll get sick. Anyway, it’s a fun ride with a colorful and happy scenery!

We really wanted to chill a bit and catch our breath after all these mini-adventures, so we went to Videopolis Theater in Discoveryland, where we got to see The Legend of the Lion King . It is inspired by Broadway musicals and with its timeless story is one of the most popular attractions in Disneyland Paris. A large group of over 100 great actors and singers show their talent in 30 minutes  which is guaranteed to have you hooked all the way through. The amazing and colorful costumes, the dynamic movements and dance routines, the catchy songs and the impressive visual effects during the performance contribute to a compelling show, suited both for adults as for children. Don’t miss it!

But we couldn’t stay put for much longer as our thirst for excitement grew, so we rushed in line for Star Tours in Discoveryland. As we walked our way to the entrance of the ride, an exhibit of different kinds of robots was following us all way through. We got seated in a mini-cinema and after we put on our seat-belts, a friendly robot greeted us on the screen and told us we were on a mission with a space shuttle. The whole journey consisted of ups-and downs, abrupt turns to the right and the left as we were avoiding incoming comets, supernovas and bullets coming from the enemy. The whole room was moving synced with the video and it was an awesome ride, although I have to admit I got a little sick after the second time, but it was after 5 off the reel Indiana Jones rides, so I think it was kind of understandable.

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth (in Fantasyland) is also a must-see if you’re in to puzzles and mazes. As you make your way through the hedge labyrinth, you may encounter some surprises and see bits and parts of the famous Wonderland. Beware of the Queen of Hearts, if not, it’s off with your head! There are no age or height restrictions, so everyone can enjoy it.

And last but not least, a ride for the little ones: It’s a small world (also in Fantasyland) is bound to make your kid cheerful throughout the day, singing the famous medley that gave name to this ride. It is actually a musical tour of the world, with dolls of different nations singing and dancing to the catchy song you’ll probably have in your head for the rest of the day. But it’s worth it if your child is happy, isn’t it?

If you’re in search for any other info regarding the park or rides, visit: http://www.disneylandparis.co.uk/index.xhtml

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