Introducing Zurich, the inexpensive

With 400,000 inhabitants living on a 34-square-mile area, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Located on the lake with the same name in the northern part of the country, Zurich is a leading global city that has been named the city with the best quality of life many times. Famous for its colorful cultural life, the city features more than 50 museums, 100 galleries, 500 bars, and 1,500 restaurants all waiting to be explored.

image via Flickr by kuhnmi

image via Flickr by kuhnmi

And it can be done inexpensively! How, you  ask? Check out these tips and start planning your budget-friendly visit right away:

  • Visit in April and October

During the summer, Zurich is packed with tourists because of the peak season. This means that the city is crowded and hotel rates are at their highest this time of year. Winter is also an expensive time to visit, since the city sits close to Alpine ski resorts. The perfect time for a budget-friendly visit would be during the months of April and October, when the weather is mild and you have a better chance of scoring a great deal on hotels.

  • Fly in and get around inexpensively

Zurich airport is the largest in the country, welcoming over 70 different airlines. Fly in on a low-cost flight and get to the city center in 20 minutes by train. To save money, buy a rail pass rather than tickets on site. Getting around on foot is best, because all of the main attractions are within walking distance.

image via Flickr by Doug

image via Flickr by Doug

  • Save money on accommodations

By staying in the outskirts of the city instead of the center, you can save up to $40 a night. Another trick is staying at a local’s place. Whether you choose a villa or lodge through Airbnb, staying in a room or an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals is a money saver. As an added bonus, you can also get insider tips from your host on the best places to visit on a budget.

  • Visit the sites in a cheap way

Many people think that you have to break the bank in order to visit the wealthiest city in Europe. But many aren’t aware of the free, cheap activities and attractions one can experience in Zurich. The Botanical Gardens, for example, which features more than 9,000 species, charges no entrance fee. In the summer, act like a local and have a picnic in one of the city’s many parks or on the waterfront. If the weather is not so kind to you, then visit the Grossmunster and listen to an organ concert while admiring the majestic religious building.

image via Flickr by Thomas8047

image via Flickr by Thomas8047

Participate in a free walking tour of the city, or hire a local guide to take you on a more in-depth tour of Zurich. For the best view of the city, hike up to Uetliberg and spend an hour admiring Zurich from above. Festival season lasts all year, so be sure to check out the latest events and happenings when visiting.

Even though Zurich is often considered out of range, there is plenty to do, see, and experience in the city on a budget.

Article part of the #HipmunkCityLove campaign.

7 Responses to “Introducing Zurich, the inexpensive

  • I’d love to visit Zurich and Switzerland, but I’ve always been put off by its high prices. Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep them in mind! 😀

  • Zurich is beautiful.. I am impressed that it is possible to do it on a budget. Switzerland is so expensive 🙁
    I stayed in Zurich twice and it is true that staying outside the city is a great option, same thing for Geneva 😀

    • And I think for Zurich in general :))
      I’m saving it for when I’m older and richer haha :)).. same with the Scandinavian countries..

      • hahahahaha good idea!!
        So far I have only been to Sweden, but I still find it cheaper than Switzerland… lets see what I think about Denmark this year! 😀

        • From what I’ve heard from friends Denmark might be a tiny bit more affordable, but let me know what you’ve thought of it! 🙂
          I will be heading to the Balcans this year so here’s hoping I won’t be breaking the bank .. 😀

          • hahahaha ohh thats great to know!! Thats what I hope!!
            Ohhh I guess you will be fine in Balcans… I would love to travel around there too!! 😀

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