5 Best Views of Brasov

Best Views of Brasov

I’ve mentioned in the previous Sightseeing in Brasov post that I’ll be showcasing another set of must-sees in the city, this time from above! Honestly, I am a huge fan of panoramas of cities, and do my best to see the place I am exploring from various angles. I am more than happy to climb steep hills to experience the most a city can offer me from above, and Brasov was no exception to my rule! Below you can see five of the best views we experienced:

  • From the Black Tower

Although you can’t actually get into the Black Tower since it’s empty inside and not open for tourists, you can admire a pretty awesome view from the road next to it. The small street’s name on which the tower is located is “Dupa Ziduri” which translates to “Behind the Walls”, referring to the old city walls. These towers all had specific roles in guarding the city, and they’re mostly located in the hills surrounding Brasov. Bear in mind that out of the 4 places I will show you this one is located at the lowers elevation! Here’s the stunning view I was talking about:

View of Brasov from the Black Tower

  • From the White Tower

Located on the same street, the White Tower houses today a history museum on the main level and an art gallery on the upper level which can be visited for about 0.5 euros. It also offers a lovely panorama over the Old Town of Brasov:

Stairs leading to the White Tower, Brasov

vew from the White Tower, Brasov

vew from the White Tower, Brasov

  • From the Fortress

The Fortress of Brasov is often an overlooked attraction, which I think is mainly due to the fact that there are simply too much to see in the Old Town part, among the city walls! Unfortunately the attraction was closed when we got there and I couldn’t really find any information about visiting hours online either. But the view was definitely worth the climb:

Fortress of Brasov

view from the Fortress of Brasov

  • From Mount Tampa

Mount Tampa is part of the southernmost area of the Eastern Carpathians, located 400 meters above the city of Brasov! Needless to say it offers a unique view over the city. I honestly felt like I was looking down at a scale-modell of the city, and if there’s only one awesome view you have time for, this is probably it! There is a cable car heading up to the top every couple of minutes which costs around 4-5 euros, but you can also walk through the forest which takes you about 40 minutes – and the view from the top is even more rewarding this way! As the rain was approaching fast and I still struggled with my bruised leg we opted for the cable car ride to enjoy the view for a couple of minutes before it was pouring. All I can say is that it was totally worth it!

cable car ride up to Mount Tampa

view of Brasov from Mount Tampa

view of Brasov from Mount Tampa

  • From The 1E Road

Although this article originally contained merely 4 great views of Brasov, we just recently discovered this 5th one. There’s a fantastic belvedere of the city on the road leading up to Poiana Brasov, one of the most popular ski resorts in Romania. This place offers an even more exciting panorama of Brasov, since it also contains the fabulous Tampa Mountain as a backdrop. Whether you’re visiting the area in the summer or the winter months, this place is surely worth a short stop to admire the charming city of Brasov from above. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Best Views of Brasov

Best Views of Brasov

Best Views of Brasov

Best Views of Brasov

Best Views of Brasov

Which is your favorite view of the 5?


Best Views of Brasov

Day Trips from Brasov:

PS Don’t forget to do a bit of sightseeing in Brasov as well! 🙂

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