The Ultimate Guide to Your Trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

Trip to Kavarna Guide

A couple of weeks ago we spent two extraordinary days in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, during our trip to Kavarna. Although I’ve been to the Bulgarian seaside a few years earlier visiting All-Inclusive resorts, I was sure that this trip was going to be different. I left home with the preconception that this area will offer much more than the other beaches of Bulgaria I’ve already seen. But I have to say that even I wasn’t prepared for the myriad of amazing places, people, food and experiences our short visit would offer.

Here’s everything you need to know about this underrated, but exceptional area to help you plan your own trip to Kavarna (hopefully soon):

What you need to know about Kavarna

The municipality of Kavarna is located on the northeastern coast of Bulgaria, 60 kilometers away from the infamous port-city, Varna. It is made up of 21 surrounding settlements, giving home to over 15,000 people. Kavarna is famous for its unique scenery, dotted by steep cliffs, well-preserved natural areas and a handful of wind farms, making it one of the pioneers of renewable energy sources in the country. Part of the Dobrudzha region, it boasts an excellent mixture of stunning landscape, impressive historical heritage and lively cultural programs. Kavarna City, Bulgaria

How to get there

The easiest way to arrive to Kavarna is by car. It’s located merely an hour’s drive away from Varna and the road conditions are pretty good. You can get to Varna via plane – check out the airport’s official website for further information. There are also 4 bus routes operating this particular route daily, check out Rome2Rio for the details.

You can also get to Kavarna through Constanta. With a handful of flights, you can arrive to the Mihail Cogalniceanu Airport and either rent a car from there or come via bus. There are 10 daily bus routes connecting Constanta and Kavarna (albeit a bit expensive if you ask me – 15 euros/one-way), so consult their timetable for more.

Where to Stay

Levana Guesthouse, Trip to Kavarna

Guesthouse Levana is situated in the small village of Bulgarevo and is the perfect base for your trip to Kavarna. Its excellent location provides easy and quick access to all the attractions this particular area has to offer. A family business built and operated by the wonderful Krasimir and his mother, you can actually see the attention and love which was put in every little detail of the guesthouse’s interior.

With several types of rooms, bungalows, equipped kitchens and a charming, meticulously-maintained private garden, the guesthouse is ideal for those in search of a rustic flair during their holiday. The guesthouse is ideal not only for young couples, but also for bigger families and retirees. It’s the perfect place for you if you’re looking for a warm connection with locals. (PS don’t hesitate to ask Krasi about the history of the guesthouse – it will definitely blow your mind!)

Levana Guesthouse, Trip to Kavarna

Wine & Dine

We arrived to Kavarna Friday late in the evening, but Krasi was patiently waiting for us with a fresh batch of seafood. Unfortunately, I don’t eat any seafood nor fish (yeah, I know, don’t start…), but ever since we came home Arpi has been recalling that dinner every couple of days. He said the fish soup accompanied by the salamurika sauce was the best fish-based soup he ever had, so feel free to ask Krasi to prepare you a batch while you’re there.

On the first day of exploring Kavarna we had a sumptuous lunch at Nash Dom, a family-owned restaurant, which also features a guesthouse. We were greeted with warm smiles from the lovely Darina and her family and sat down to enjoy a nice traditional meal. I tried the chicken one, whilst Arpi tasted the bean soup (we always order different things for the variety), and loved both.

The second course was made up of traditional Bulgarian salad and different varieties of meat-based dishes, such as sarma (cabbage rolls), kufte (meatballs) and kebabche. Although we have similar dishes in Romania, these tasted a bit different than the ones at home, for which I blame the seasoning. I think they were even more delicious than what we have at home!

Food and Drinks Kavarna

On our last evening of our trip to Kavarna we met Vasilka at the St. George Tavern, run by her and her husband. We were greeted with big smiles, traditional music and (surprise!) a host who spoke Romanian. Vasilka loves her guests so much, she actually learned the language to converse more easily with them.

St George Tavern, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

The boys once again enjoyed an excellent fish-based meal while I delved into the delicious salad and the fried cheese. The mussels served at the table were raised in a special farm and didn’t have such a strong aroma, according to Arpi who basically ate a whole plate of about 50 mussels all by himself. Before dinner we had some shots of rakia, a local strong spirit similar to the Romanian palinca/tuica. We paired our meal with some local beer and a fine bottle of locally-produced Muscat Ottonel named Kaliakra.

Food and Drinks trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

What to See in Kavarna

One of my absolute favorite memories of our trip to Kavarna is definitely our visit to the fabulous Yailata Archaeological and Natural Reserve. The nature park is dotted by over 130 ancient tombs, along with several interesting caves and a Thracian sanctuary. It boasts well-marked paths and exhibits quite a few signposts from where you can find out all about Yailata.

Yailata Reserve, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

Yailata Reserve, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

Besides these amazing caves what impressed me the most was definitely the dramatic coastline. With massive drops, small secluded beaches, enormous rock formations and a strong sea, this particular area of the Bulgarian coastline is extremely memorable. At times I actually forgot that we have the same sea in Romania, because the coastline differs so much. And by know you all know that I LOVE rocky cliffs and beaches!

Yailata Reserve, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

Another thing that is particularly beautiful in the reserve and the entire area, although often overlooked, is the local flora and fauna. The Yailata Reserve actually protects a handful of rare birds, such as the little bittern duck and the little grebe. Depending on the season you visit, you might also encounter yellow asphodels, leaf peonies or wild peonies. We were lucky enough to see the wild ones in full bloom and they’re the absolute perfect subject for a seaside photo shoot (right next to the poppies).

Wild Peonies at Yailata Reserve, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

If it’s local history you’re interested in, Kavarna will surely not disappoint. The area has quite a few places emphasizing the importance of knowing your roots. If you’re curious about the archaeological findings of the area, head to the history museum of Kavarna, where you’ll find ancient pots, jewelry and old weapons on display. The Ongal Touristic Center of Bulgarevo, on the other hand, has a more interactive approach, guiding you through the complete history of the area through a pre-recorded material and various photos and objects exhibited.

Ongal Touristic Center, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

History Museums trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

The Natural and Archaeological Reserve of Cape Kaliakra also has its fair share of nature and history. The large reserve protects over 380 types of grass, shrub and tree species, along with 310 bird species both on land and in the water. A large number of archaeological findings can be found scattered around Kaliakra Fortress, whilst the most valuable ones are housed in a local museum.

Cape Kaliakra, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

Unique Experiences

Our visit to Cape Kaliakra was even more special thanks to the way we got there. Krasi was kind enough to lend us the bikes from Levana Guesthouse so we actually got a chance to admire the tranquility of coastal Bulgaria, the busyness of the wind farms and enjoyed the fresh air, all the while making our way towards our destination with bicycles. This was Probably the best way to end our adventure-filled day and the walk in the fortress actually did us a lot of good. Krasi even showed us a few secret hiding places, made up of caves on the edges of steep cliffs, so it was a very cool experience!

Biking Cape Kaliakra, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

Biking Cape Kaliakra, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

If you’re an adventurous soul, you’ll probably love the idea of sea kayaking. We met with Galin of Sea Kayaking Bulgaria  after the morning of our arrival at Bolata Beach. We quickly geared up and after a few explanations from our guide, we each hopped into a one-person kayak. At first was fairly confident in my paddling skills, even though I’ve never actually sat in a kayak before – as it turns out, it’s nothing like canoeing.

Sea Kayaking Bulgaria, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

I quickly got the hang of it, but as the wind prevailed, the waves soon became too tough for me to navigate. Our goal to reach Cape Kaliakra and then turn back, but as my arms got way too tired, so I turned back earlier. The rest of the group also didn’t reach the destination, but even so sea kayaking proved to be an exceptional (albeit challenging) adventure. Nevertheless, I am sure I’ll be back (hopefully soon) to complete the challenge!

Sea Kayaking Bulgaria, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

If you’d like to relax and unwind a bit, Bolata Beach is the perfect place to do so. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again – hidden beaches like these are the best! Bolata Beach is far enough from civilization that it stays clean and isn’t flooded by a myriad of tourists, all the while being easily reachable via a paved road. This beach is a true gem, offering stunning cliffs, fine sand and most important of all – tranquility. We also heard that the snorkeling is quite good in this particular area, so we definitely need to go back ASAP!

Bolata Beach, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

Bolata Beach, trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria


What to take home with you

As much as I’m trying to give up on souvenirs, I can’t help but bring home a few culinary delights when opportunity knocks. And since we went by car, we had plenty of space for a few tokens from Bulgaria. We actually ended up buying a bottle of rakia for my dad, a green fig jam and a vegetable spread for ourselves. After our memorable dinner at St. George Tavern, Vasilka gifted us a pair of cute little figurines with oil in it. The Rose of Bulgaria is probably one of the most famous souvenirs of entire Bulgaria. But whatever you take home with you, make it specific of the area, so it can always remind you of your awesome, unforgettable trip to Kavarna.

trip to Kavarna, Bulgaria

We went on the trip to Kavarna together with the guys from Eff it I’m on Holiday, with whom we had a blast with! They’ve also written about our weekend adventure and our culinary experience in more depth, so make sure you check out their posts as well. If you have any questions about the area, don’t hesitate to contact me!

If you’d like to retrace our steps, take a look at this GPS-guided tour of the Kavarna region!

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Ultimate Guide to Your trip to Kavarna

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Levana Guesthouse, Trip Kavarna and Sea Kayaking Bulgaria for having us! Special shout-out to the wonderful Krasimir, Galin, Darina and Vasilka, who made sure our stay will be forever memorable thanks to their warm hospitality and kindness. We will be back! As always, all opinions are our own. 

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