Beaches, Cities, Palaces – A 10-day Portugal Itinerary

10 Day Portugal Itinerary

Although I enjoyed guiding you through our Portuguese trip immensely, it’s time to say goodbye (for now) from this fascinating country dotted by rocky beaches, colorful cities and eclectic palaces. I thought I’d conclude this series of articles with a recommended 10-day Portugal itinerary, to help you out in planning your own trip to one of my favorite countries so far. This itinerary reflects on what I’d do differently if I had the chance to redo the trip, taking time from some attractions and leaving more room for other places I would’ve loved to spend more time in.

Here’s my recommended 10-day Portugal itinerary:

Day 1, 2 & 3: Exploring Lisbon

The capital city offers so many amazing attractions, that you could spend months in it and you still will have not seen everything. But if you have a limited amount of time, I’d say a minimum of 3 days is definitely worth spending in Lisbon. After hitting a shot of Ginjinha, eating some fabulous Pastel de Nata and hitching a ride on the city’s iconic trams, drop by the flea market for a little local flair. Don’t miss out on Lisbon’s signature Sé de Lisboa Cathedraland don’t leave town until you’ve admired the city from at least two different Miradouros. Spend at least half a day in the Belém district to enjoy a decent mix of historical and religious sites, local pastries and quite an impressive marina. For more sites to see, check out my article on the 15 awesome things to do in Lisbon!

Local artist in Lisbon, Portugal


Day 4 & 5 Visiting Sintra

Albeit a visit to Pena Palace in Sintra is a must if you’re in the country, I would say that 1 day in town is simply not enough. If I could redo my Portugal itinerary, I’d definitely spend at least 2 days in Sintra. Because the palace and its gardens are enormous, you can easily schedule an entire day for Pena Palace only. Spend your second day exploring all the other magical places this small, but amazing town has to offer, such as Quinta da Regaleira, the Palace of Sintra and the Castle of Moors.

Visit Pena Palace Sintra


Day 6: Chillin’ in Lagos

Whether it’s private beaches you’re looking for, far away from the crowds, or historical monuments located on narrow streets, Lagos has it all! It’s the perfect place to transition from active city sightseer to the discoverer of the fascinating Algarve coastline. I definitely recommend starting your southern exploration in this beautiful town, since it can be easily reached and boasts plenty of amazing attractions. If you’d like to find out more, check out my personal list of 6 beautiful places you need to see in Lagos.

Beautiful Places You Need to See in Lagos, Portugal


Day 7: Beaching at Benagil and Praia da Marinha

If you’ve grown accustomed to the fabulous beaches of Lagos, then you’re definitely ready to take the next step and delve further into the Algarve region. Start by visiting the infamous Praia da Marinha, which leads the pack of all the must-see beaches list in Portugal. A signature beach with turquoise waters splashing into its curiously-formed rock cliffs, dark grottoes and natural wells, it’s easy to see why Praia da Marinha is such a big hit on Portuguese postcards.


Visit Praia da Marinha


If you’re ready to take things another step further, Benagil Cave should also be on your must-see list. Accessible only through the waters of the ocean, this sea cave offers a truly memorable experience once you enter it, not to mention the enviable photos you can take of it. Just make sure you don’t get your camera wet!

How to Visit Benagil Cave, Portugal


Day 8, 9 & 10: Relaxing in Carvoeiro

Out of all the amazing coastal towns we managed to visit in Portugal, Carvoeiro was by far my favorite. Even though it doesn’t have such dramatic beaches as those enlisted above, the tranquility this often overlooked town somehow managed to sneak its way up to my most cherished memories from Portugal. I’d say Carvoeiro is the ideal place for you if you’re looking to go home fully rested and in awe of the best things Portugal has to offer: heavenly beaches, good food and some fine wine.

Must-sees in Carvoeiro Portugal


What other places in Portugal would you include in your 10-day itinerary?

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10 Day Portugal Itinerary

10 Responses to “Beaches, Cities, Palaces – A 10-day Portugal Itinerary

  • What would the 10 day cost ? Excluding air

    • Hey Tommy!
      I think we spent around 300 euros each (incl. sightseeing, transport, accommodation). Some nights we stayed in campsites, we shopped in the local grocery stores and cooked our food and just aimed at not spending much money. 🙂 I hope this helped

  • Nahir Franco
    3 years ago

    What is the average cost of a hostel in these areas?

    • Hello Nahir!
      I am afraid you will have to do the research yourself, since we only stayed in campsites and Airbnbs during our visit and I don’t really know anything about hostels in this area.

  • Mary Lonz
    3 years ago

    Did you rent a car or travel by public transit on your trip?

    • Hey Mary,

      We only rented a car for the Algarve region. In Lisbon we used public transport, we went by train to Sintra and found everything reliable and budget-friendly. I don’t remember how much the car rental cost us, but we only had it for 4 days.

      • Don’t rent a car in Lisbon or you will not be able to park it. They have great public transportation and Uber since 2014 which never costs more than 3 Euros to anywhere in Lisbon. Buses trains and trams are even cheaper and a great way to get everywhere.

  • Hi there! What time of year did you visit & do you think this itinerary would make sense in April when it’s a little cooler? Thanks!

    • I’d recommend at least June for visiting. We were actually there mid-June, the ocean was still freezing, but there weren’t too many crowded places.
      I think the end of September is also great and perhaps the water is slightly warmer by then.

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