25 Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You to Visit Romania

25 Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You to Visit Romania

I finally got around to sit down and collect my personal favorite Romanian Instagram accounts of local (travel) photographers. These wonderful people put their heart and soul in their photography daily, showcasing various parts of our homeland with the aim of making anyone and everyone want to visit Romania . Any given account in this list is amazing in its own way. Some cover cities, others post about mountains, whilst a select few will go to the farthest point of the Romanian countryside to get the perfect shot. I initially thought of making a list of 10, but it turns out, it was even difficult to narrow it down to 25. So without further ado, here are 25 killer travel photographers from Romania definitely worth following: 

I’m kicking off this list with Adrian David‘s account, who is probably the best Instagrammer of my hometown of Tg. Mures, always eager to present our charming city in the most curious and unique way possible. He has an excellent eye for detail and also posts a lot about surrounding areas.

Ciprian Vladulescu‘s account is a real eye-candy and is filled with quite a few lesser-known destinations in Romania. He shoots only with his Iphone, so his photos often capture the spontaneity of the moment.

Matei Andrei has quite a charming feed, and while his photos of Romania are scarce, they are always a real treat. Besides boasting a myriad of outdoorsy photos, his city shots are also spot on!


An extremely outdoorsy traveler, Alexia Ursache will surely convince you that the mountains of Romania are worth visiting. She explores our country far and wide on foot and is definitely not afraid to sleep in a tent during freezing temperatures.


A very versatile photographer, Pálhegyi Attila Pele shoots portraits, weddings and also scenery. All of his work is of top quality and extremely beautiful, but my personal favorite shots of his are those which he takes in the great outdoors, especially in the hidden mountains of the Szekler region in Romania.

Althoug Vlad Mateescu is really busy traveling abroad these days, he still posts a fair amount of photos from Romania, mostly of cities. I absolutely love how creative he is with his angles and manages to capture familiar places, buildings and landmarks from an entirely different perspective.

If you’re curious about all things and places in the capital city, Cristi‘s Instagram feed is the one to follow. He posts daily images of Bucharest’s beautiful buildings, including some impressive edifices which are left at the mercy of time, left abandoned in the hustle and bustle of the big city life.

Alexandra Chirila is an awesome tour guide from Constanta, currently living in Bucharest. She is one of my personal favorites, because I love not just the angles she uses, but also the beautiful color palette, always matching the landmark in sight.

Vlad Berte is a Romanian sculptor and a lover of beauty and simplicity. Even if he doesn’t post too often, when he does, it’s always of superior quality, mostly presenting some highly underrated places in Romania which should definitely receive more visitors.


An amazing landscape photographer, Simay Zsolt prefers to spend his time outdoors and photograph the mountains of Romania in a totally unique way. His mesmerizing landscape photos are jaw-dropping, boasting an artistic vibe in every single shot.

Calin Stan is a very passionate Romanian photographer and leader of a local photo club, which also organizes personalized trips to the fascinating Danube Delta. Although all his shots are fairly amazing, his drone photography is out of this world!

A dentist, fashion blogger and a travel enthusiast, Kávási Kinga is an old classmate of mine who sees and shares all the beautiful details of her day-to-day life with the world. Even if she’s not a travel photographer per se, I just love her feed and her exquisite photos from all her travels.


Similarly to Kinga, Ferencz András is another native of my hometown, who is definitely in love with landscape photography. He just recently released a book about ruined, forgotten castles scattered around Transylvania.

Adrian Dan is a professional photographer, describing himself as someone “nourished by the simplicty of living”. He posts his photos from his travels all around the world, but what I really love is the way he captures simple life in rural Romania.

Another one of my all-time favorite nature and landscape photographers in Romania, Victor Grigore manages to surprise me every time. The Brasov-based photographer and biker lives extremely close to the mountains and gets outdoors every time he has a chance, so his feed is filled with fresh, killer shots daily.

Boasting one of the most vivid Instagram feeds I personally follow, Anda Stanciu‘s collection of photographs is real eye-candy for me. It’s like she is drawn to the cutest terraces and most colorful places around Europe, and her snapshots of Romanian places are to die for.

I really like Darle Gheorghe‘s Insta account, mostly because he photographs cities in Romania which I haven’t visited yet, like Oradea and Timisoara. His feed is eye-catching because of the beautiful cityscapes he regularly shoots and shares with his followers.

I discovered George Iorgulescu‘s feed not so long ago, and I’m really glad I did. His photos are mostly modest landscapes, without too much drama, showcasing the simplicity of our world with the help of beautiful light and stunning colors.

Claudiu Maxim‘s gorgeous account captures rare moments in lesser-known Romanian cities, like Baia Mare and Craiova. Even though I generally like feeds with pale colors, the way he emphasizes different shapes in his account always result in powerful photographs.

Visual artist Petric Victor has a great eye for detail, proving this in every shot he shares with the world. I adore his candid photos of Cluj-Napoca and his impressive angles of simple things such as a set of stairs or a run-down courtyard.

Matei Ana‘s wonderful feed always manages to cheer me up and make me happy through its lovely colors and overall vibe. Although her recent photos are of beautiful Belgium, you’ll find that she quite avidly promotes Romania in her account.

Kalmar Zoltan is a Hungarian photographer from Transylvania and he always manages to capture the heart and soul of every place he visits. His specialty is photographing intimate moments in the rural area of Romania in which he excels, no doubt.

I’ve been following Szabo Ervin‘s feed for quite a while now and all I can say is that whenever I think I get used to his style of photography, he always manages to suprise me in the most positive way. One of my favorites in this list, you’ll surely not be disappointed by his amazing work if you give him a follow.

Bucharest- based Alex Ion sees beauty in the most mundane things and can actually make depressing rainfall look awesome. He really offers a fresh perspective of anything he captures, just see for yourself in the shot below:

I’m concluding the list with one of the most versatile artists from Transylvania, with the most followers of the bunch, Mihail Onaca. He captures everything from models and streets to edifices and flat-lays, but naturally, my personal favorites are the ones about the charming countryside of Romania.


After long weeks of covering Bulgaria and Portugal, I’m back with some fresh, new photos about my home country, Romania on Instagram. Find me here

I definitely can not choose a favorite (or not even ten) of these, but I’m curious: which feeds have captured your attention the most?

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25 Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You to Visit Romania

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