A Year Ago

Nearly one year ago I posted about the thirteen things I wanted to achieve in 2013. Although I didn’t achieve everything on the list, I have done some things I never thought I would. Here are my aspirations from last January:

1.  Visit at least 3 new countries – well, almost! I only visited two new countries (Greece and Belgium), but I visited some new places in countries that I’ve already been too. I saw Pécs (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Amsterdam from a totally new point of view (because when I last visited I was only 15) and also I stepped foot in Bulgaria and Serbia, so I declare this one a winner!

2. Go to the sea – checked! The Aegean Sea was the chosen one this year!

3. Snorkel as much as I can – done! Although we didn’t spend that much time at the beach because we were busy going on trips, the time I spent on the beach was mostly under water, even though Leptokarya didn’t have all that much to offer regarding underwater life.

4. Go skiing – well, sadly the January ski trip was the only one we took part in 2013, because we don’t have any snow here. Hopefully that  will change soon, because I’d like to try out some new ski-runs

5. & 6.: Visit the Salt Mine of Turda & Go to the Transfagarasan – I’ve been delaying these trips for a few years now, but I hope that 2014 will finally take me to them!

7. See 10 new cities: This is a funny one! I don’t know why I actually put this goal up on the table, because I hadn’t thought of actually achieving it since I’ve written it down.. Nevertheless, counting this year’s travel destinations, I have found that I’ve seen 7 new cities: Pécs (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia), Skiathos City (Greece), Bruxelles (Belgium), Nagyenyed/Aiud, Deva, Vajdahunyad/Hunedoara, (Romania).

8. Go on a big road trip – well, this was planned but because of some circumstances which didn’t really depend on us, it got postponed until the time it didn’t happen, so maybe next year.

9. Go camping – You might remember the post about Zetelaka Barrage Lake, well that’s where we went camping and it was awesome! I hope to return this year!

10. & 11.: Try Parasailing & Go Kayaking/Rafting/Canoeing – none of this actually happened, sadly, even though I really wanted it to. The truth is, summer passed by while we were still stuck in our exams, so we couldn’t try out these awesome sports I’ve been dying to try for years. But there’s always 2014! 😀

12. Go fishing at least 3 times – not three times, but we did go once and I enjoyed every second of it! It was between exams and proved to be extremely relaxing and motivating.

13. Write about everything – while I didn’t actually write every travel moment of 2013 up to date, they are on the list for January’s and February’s posts, so you can read them shortly and I can check nr. 13 off too!

2013 review

2013 review

As for 2014, I only have one goal – travel intensively in Romania. Discover my country, whether it’s cities, mountains, rivers or the Danube Delta – may 2014 bring a lot of it!

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